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Are you frustrated with constantly feeling tired or unwell? Have you looked for solutions, only to find that they all fall short? Are you ready for an answer that puts all the pieces together and finally works?
Are you frustrated with constantly feeling tired or unwell? Have you looked for solutions, only to find that they all fall short? Are you ready for an answer that puts all the pieces together and finally works?

The Body is More than just Chemistry

Modern medicine and nutritionists focus on the body’s chemistry. Medicine seeks to stop the body’s natural responses to a situation, which can save lives in emergency situations, but it never actually corrects the body’s responses.

Meanwhile, nutrition provides us with elements needed for the body to work the way it’s meant to. This is obviously important, and if we’re missing nutrients in the body, this might address an underlying cause

But neither approach looks at what drives the body’s chemistry. What causes it to go wrong even when the right nutrients are in place. And how that could be addressed.

Think of it like this: you can have all the ingredients for a great meal, but those ingredients don’t just put themselves together and turn into that meal on their own. Instructions are needed. Step-by-step recipes showing what should go together, and in which order so the cook can craft the meal. It’s similar for the “parts” that make our bodies.

And physicists have told us this for the last 100 years. From their perspective, information (like a recipe) is a very real thing. It exists everywhere in the fields of both matter and space. It determines where energy particles appear and how they interact, which is the basis of chemistry. This is what Einstein meant when he said “the field is the sole governing agency of the particle.”

So that is what drives the body’s chemistry. Information in fields. Which finally explains how trillions of body cells each know how to take millions of actions every second and somehow all work as a single human body. It also explains the fluid actions our bodies can make as one unit. And the instantaneous reactions our cells can have to a stimulus, which can’t be explained by the speed of chemical reactions. Communication is immediately when you’re dealing with fields.

Yes, good nutrition is a key element to good health, and we teach this along with other steps you can take to build your Energy 4 Life. Nutrition provides the building blocks for activity to take place. But as you can see now, that’s only half the story. Without information, those nutrients mean nothing. With wrong information, things will misfire in the body.

This makes information just as important to address as nutrition. And in fact, emotional stress and traumas may be behind the majority of today’s health issues; they have this impact because they distort or block the body’s information systems. So we believe that information is the #1 thing to address when trying to deal with the root causes of poor health and low energy.

Why “Energy Healing Modalities” May Fall Short as Well

Other approaches to supporting your health do attempt to address the body-field. Some of these involve subjective approaches, like working with Reiki practitioners. Others involve more standardized approaches, like homeopathy. We like these in theory, and support their use. But they each have their own challenges too:

  1. With individual energy workers, you never know what you’re going to get, as some practitioners may be more effective than others. And each modality may target work on only certain aspects of the body-field. In other words, results may be partial. Plus, you only get this support during the session. The beauty of working with Infoceuticals is that you get Informational support every day.
  2. Acupuncture is an ancient practice that seeks to restore the flow of information along the body’s meridians, which is important. But again, this is a partial solution and represents only one aspect of the assessment and solutions offered by NES Health coaches and practitioners.
  3. Homeopathy has its own long history and adherents worldwide. We see it playing an important role in information wellness, but its challenges include: the need for very precise assessments by practitioners based on keen observation (reliance on their experience); the need for the body to have adequate energy for an appropriate response to the remedy, which we believe it often doesn’t have; and the possibility that its effects are limited by the heavy presence of modern electromagnetic fields (EMFs).
We are fans of anything body-field approach that gets results, and all of these can and do. But we also believe that NES Health represents their evolution. Our solutions address the body- field’s interaction with its environment, the strength of the field, its information flow through meridian channels, the impacts of stress and trauma, the body-field’s healing system, and more. Our assessments are fast, simple, and computer-based. And our remedies are produced in charges of 10,000 volts, creating stability in the presence of modern EMFs.Combined with our lifestyle coaching, we believe it’s a truly holistic system. And even now, we’re continuing to develop where it’s going and what it can do for you.

Ready to Know More about Your Fields?

Decoding the Human Body-Field is something NES Health has been doing since 2003, and even then, we’d been researching this for decades. We’ve worked to understand how information flows in the body … and to correct this flow. By doing so, we support the body’s return to health and vitality.
To understand how we can assess the information of your body-field, please click here to learn more about our computer-based scan.

To understand how our remedies can correct your body’s information fields, please click below to learn about the science of water and our Infoceuticals.

Now here’s where it gets exciting. Your personal body-field assessment is waiting for you. (And so are its corrections!) We want you to see just how fast and easy it is to get a glimpse into your body’s own information system. Into what your body-field is telling you. And how you can begin to support it right away.

So we have a special offer only available on this website:

Get our exciting, computer-based scanner for use in your home. After downloading (for free) a small piece of software, this scanner allows you to read your body-field in just seconds! Value $120
Get 3 “Feel Good” Infoceuticals. While many Infoceuticals are only available through a bioenergetic coach or practitioner, others are known for their general uplifting effect, and you will get to experience firsthand the effects of “Information” in your life. These are drops you simply add to water … and drink! 3-Bottle Value = $90
Get an exclusive “Client View” look at your body-field. Our assessments are normally only available when working with a bioenergetic practitioner, as their training helps them walk you through the depth and meaning of our software. But here – following your scan – you’ll get immediate access to a big picture look at your body-field. You’ll discover what areas of the body-field’s primary energy and information systems are looking for support. And you can scan yourself like this once every month … for free! Value $20/month. (And invaluable!)
The ability to scan family and friends when they set up their own Energy 4 Life accounts. They will get this same friendly “Client View” into their body-field. (Another $20/month value for everyone you scan!)This is an immediate value of at least $230 + $20/month. More if you scan others! (Yes, almost $500 of value in the first year.) And it’s all yours for just $97 today.

Again, this offer is exclusive to this Energy 4 Life website, where we’re excited to introduce you to a world where energy and information are the pillars of optimal health and energy. Act now and, in just days, you’ll receive your scanner and simple instructions for its use. And you’ll be able to unlock a whole new view into root causes and how to restore your Energy 4 Life.