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About Bioenergetics

Bioenergetics is a critical area of science that studies energy in living systems. However, there is a narrow approach to bioenergetics (important in what it covers) as researched by biochemistry or cellular biology. Then there is the broad approach that we’ll discuss here.Because when we talk about the energy of life, we’re not just talking about things like the transition of nutrients to ATP for cellular power. This is critical, of course, but in our discussion of holistic bioenergetics, we look at:

  1. The many ways we exchange energy with the environment in order to improve lifestyle decisions. This goes well beyond the nutrients studied in ATP production. It also includes things like sleep, movement, hydration, grounding, and more. It makes this form of bioenergetics practical for everyone to boost their health.
  2. What controls the movement of energy in living systems. This gets into quantum field theory and quantum biology, and is supported by some of the brightest minds in human history. Don’t be put off if this sounds complex – we’ll simplify these ideas for you in our “Energy 4 Life Principles.”
  3. What can prevent the movement of energy in living systems (and how to address this). This includes the presence of toxins and pathogens as well as the long-term impact of shock, trauma, and stress. Yes, emotions really do affect our health.

This holistic approach to bioenergetics looks at the energy of life in practical and positive ways. At how you can capture more energy and make sure it’s flowing properly, supporting your body’s natural ability to heal, to stay healthy, and to power you through your day. This is about being able to dream your dreams, whether they’re simple or grand, and pursuing them.That’s what we mean by Energy 4 Life – it’s energy for feeling better and doing the things you love. Ready to explore this in more detail? Please visit our Energy 4 Life Principles.