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Joe Bloggs

NES Health
Braeside Business Park
Sterte Avenue West
Poole, Dorset
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Joe Bloggs is an expert in Nutrition & Bioenergetic Coaching

He is passionate about educating his clients  on the importance of nutrition and a holistic view of the body.  Joe helped himself  out of his own health issues through bioenergetics and wants to help others to do the same. He became a Bioenergetic Health Coach in 2019.

Joe’s interest in nutrition began with the death of his mother from esophageal cancer. He vowed to find out what made her sick, why she died, what role medications played in his demise, and how he could avoid the same fate. The more Joe learned, the more he realized that all the answers to health  and energy do not lie in our medical system. Food and a wholistic bioenergetic approach are a revolution in health care.

Education & Certification

  • 2019, Bioenergetic Health Coach – Institute of Bioenergetics
  • 2019, Certified NES Practitioner – NES Health


Energy4Life Initial Consultation

Test, if the Energy4Life Program is right for you and get:

  • Body Field Scanner
  • Initial Scan
  • 90-Minute Consultation
  • Set of 5 Infoceuticals
  • Access to First Lessons of the Energy4Life Video Coaching Course
  • 30 Day Access to Additional Scanning  Technology
  • Lifetime Access to the Energy4Life Portal


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Upgrade To Full Program

If you have had your initial consultation already, you can now upgrade to the full program:

  • 5x Body Field Scans
  • 5x 60-Minute Follow-up Consultation
  • 5x Set of 5 Infoceuticals
  • Lifetime Access to the Lifestyle Coaching Course
  • Access to Additional Scanning Technology
  • Access to the Energy4Life Portal


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