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    Acorn squash is a delicious potassium rich option and paired with quinoa makes a productive carb and high protein meatless, main course option. Just 1 cup of mashed acorn squash offer nearly 20% your DV of Potassium. Quinoa provides not only protein and fiber but over 30% of your DV of Magnesium. Enjoy!


    1. 2 Organic Acorn Squashes – Cut in Half with Seeds Removed
    2. 2 Tbsp Coconut Oil
    3. 2 Tbsp Pure Maple Syrup


    1. 1/2 Cup Dry Sprouted TruRoots
    2. Brand Quinoa (Cooked in medium Sauce Pan with 1 Cup of Organic Vegetable Stock or Bone Broth and add 2 tbsp of Coconut Oil)
    3. 2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    4. 1 Medium Sweet Onion (Chopped)
    5. 2 Organic Celery Stalks sliced and coarsely chopped
    6. 1 Carrot (Shredded Fine)
    7. 2 Organic Granny Smith Apple – cored & coarsely chopped
    8. 1/2 Cup Fresh Chopped Cranberries
    9. 2 Tbsp Chopped Fresh Parsley
    10. 1 Tbsp Chopped Fresh Sage
    11. 1 Tbsp Chopped Fresh Rosemary
    12. Sea Salt & Pepper to Taste
    13. 3-4 Tbsp melted Grass-fed
    14. Butter or Coconut Oil
    15. Optional Add in ~1 Cup Gluten Free Toasted
    16. Corn Bread - cut into chunks


    For the Squash:

    1. Preheat Oven to 400 degrees. Place on Pan or Baking Pan - slice a little off the bottom if you need to so they lay flat. Add a little water to the pan to keep them from Scorching or Sticking to the pan
    2. 2. Brush Squash with Coconut oil and season with Salt & Pepper – roast until fork tender. Remove and brush with maple syrup and set aside.
    3. Reduce Oven to 350 degrees

    For the Stuffing:

    1. Heat Olive Oil in large deep skillet. Sauté onion, carrot, apple, chopped cranberries and celery for 5 mins until tender – Stir in the herbs, salt & pepper continue cooking for a few minutes until flavors mix
    2. In large bowl mix the cooked Quinoa an (optional Cornbread) with the veggie and herb mixture.
    3. Scoop mixture into the center of each Acorn Squash Half , drizzle with melted grass-fed butter (or coconut oil) and bake for 20 minutes until toasty brown – You can also bake the stuffing as a side item in a casserole dish.