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Emergency Immunity Package

  • NES Health Infoceuticals are designed to support the body-field in directing efficient and accurate activity of the body. In this way, we support the body's everyday health and recovery efforts.

    Most of our Infoceuticals are only available following a wellness scan with our practitioners, including those found in this "Emergency Immunity Pack." But for a limited time, to offer additional immune support at a time when it's needed throughout the world, we are making this package publicly available, and at a discount.

    Learn everything from NES Founder Harry Massey and Head of Education Steve McCardell about the Emergency Immunity Package in the video below

    Which Infoceuticals are included?

    ED3 (Cell Driver) & ED13 (Immunity Driver): in our system, the body’s “Energetic Drivers” power the overall body-field, and our Infoceuticals are designed to support these. The body’s Cell Driver supports all the cells in the body, including the immune cells, so it provides a good overall boost; the body’s Immunity Driver powers the maturation of all immune cells as well the mature innate immune system.

    ET2 (Immunity 2): in our system, the body’s “Energetic Terrains” are fields associated with healing tissues and keeping them healthy enough to minimize the impact of pathogens. Terrain 2 supports the body’s immune response in a way our testing shows is best matched to current needs.

    ES1 (Lymph / Radiation Star): in our system, “Energetic Stars” target specific goals, and this one is designed to support not only the body’s lymphatic system and its immune response, but also to protect against e-smog, or EMFs that are harmful to the body. Certain EMFs may or may not have a role in current world health problems. In addition, this Star relates back to the body’s entire Energetic Terrain system, in this way also supporting the body’s healing responses.

    The Emergency Immunity Package can be purchased in the portal shop under the category Infoceutical Packages. Click here to get there.