Article - NESHealth Practitioners

Webinar Replay: Support Your Immune System RIGHT Now (March 28, 2020)

  • Whether you are a wellness practitioner, BioEnergetics expert or just interested in supporting your health in general, this timely webinar is well worth your time. I will cover:

    1. How Fear, Anxiety, Panic & Loneliness reduce key immune cells by 50% and what you can do to help to counter that by supporting your Emotional Immunity. Learn how Emotional Immunity works and the practical steps that you can take to ensure your emotional immunity stays strong.

    2. Cellular Terrain. Learn about your cellular immune system that works to keep you healthy when under attack. Discover how environmental and cellular terrain is crucial to keeping in top shape and can support your cellular immune system. We’ll discuss immediate steps you can take.

    3. Due to Social Distancing, visiting practitioners in person has become a challenge. But there's a way you can see your practitioner remotely who can help support your immune system during this time. Plus, we’re supplying scanners at cost to clients -- so that everyone and anyone can participate in scans and consultations with practitioners remotely. 

    4. Guided Meditation - We'll also guide the whole community through a miHealth boosted meditation -- for the first time in history. we'll use focused intention, with all of our practitioners' miHealths on the same settings broadcasting ESR, Love & Immune support, to help all our friends, family and loved ones.