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Decoding the Body-Field

  • by Harry Massey

    When I was in my twenties, I spent seven years bedridden with chronic fatigue. During the first year or two, I tried virtually every major therapy prescribed conventional medicine, yet I was still deteriorating. Doctors had no clue what was wrong with me aside from identifying some abnormal blood markers, which they had no explanation or solution for. Next came the nutrition route, which included a barrage of tests and diets that ended up making me even more exhausted.

    After four years, I really started to wonder if I’d ever recover. At that point, I had no clue where to go next. All I wanted was to be able to get to the root cause of my illness and regain my independence. I didn’t want to be stuck at home, a drain on society and my parents, I wanted to restore my energy for life — I wanted to just have a life.

    The years leading up to the illness, ages 18–21, were the complete opposite of what I experienced with chronic fatigue. I was an avid rock climber and spent as much of my time as possible climbing and mountaineering. I took frequent trips to Scotland to climb its highest peak, Ben Nevis. During summers, I would go to the alps and spend two or three months climbing up various mountains around the Chamonix area and enjoying life.

    However, during my third year at university, there were three instances that catalyzed my descent into illness.

    First, while I was climbing the alps, I came down with glandular fever and ended up in bed for several weeks. Being a hedonistic and headstrong 21-year old, I pressed on. I studied hard through my last year of university, and enjoyed myself as much as I could. All the while, I felt an undeniable fatigue that I couldn’t shake — and I certainly didn’t connect it to the fever I’d had over the summer.

    I ended up going back to Ben Nevis over the Christmas holidays to do some ice climbing. Unfortunately, ice and climbing don’t always mix. While climbing, the ice shattered underneath my axe and I ended up falling off the mountain and fracturing my spine — an injury I didn’t even know about until two years later when I was x-rayed for an unrelated accident.

    After that Christmas, I went back to finish my last six months of university and was becoming increasingly tired and in an increasing amount of pain. I struggled to get through exams and take my first job in London. By that time, I was so sick I ended up having to take 20 days off of work during my first two months. Naturally, I was fired.

    Being very headstrong at the time, I thought I could heal myself by going back outside to the alps. So, I spent another three months mountaineering. I grew increasingly tired until I got to point of staying in a tent for over a week living on dried bananas and water. Eventually, I managed to summon the energy to drive back to England, pulling the car over every hour or so to take a rest and then continuing on.

    Once back in England, I re-enrolled in university for an MBA degree and realized very quickly that I was in no condition to finish on track. I took an extra year to complete the program and ended up doing so in a wheelchair (something I certainly don’t recommend).

    After two years, I was bed-bound. After four years, the same. I ended up bedridden for seven whole years. Friends were graduating and starting their careers, and I was constrained to my house — mostly my room & bed — and completely reliant on my parents to drive me anywhere, even to doctors.

    Imagine for a minute what it feels like to go from climbing mountains to not being able to climb out of bed. Knowing that 80% of chronic fatigue sufferers of over two years never recover, it really does feel like your life is over.

    Now, when you’re lying in bed, you have an awful lot of time to think. So, I ended up asking myself two very fundamental questions, which ended up leading to these two main ideas that I’ve dedicated my life to:

    1. What if I could work out the root cause and restore my energy from home?
    2. Where does energy come from?

    These were strange questions to ask at the time, because how on earth could I work that out with no money, no scientific knowledge, no business experience, and no energy or ability myself to get any of this done? I was just simply thinking,

    “If I want to restore my energy, then I should study energy.”

    What these questions did, though, was give me a purpose. They drove me to create the easiest, most effective, and educative health platform so that others like myself could work out what was wrong, regain their independence, and create a life.

    My pursuit of answers led me to discover the term “Bioenergetics,” a field that studies the detection and correction of energy in living systems. I was introduced to Professor Peter Fraser, the field’s leading scientist at the time, who had spent the past 25 years mapping out the energy and information of the human body-field.

    Sometimes in life, truly incredible things can happen, and meeting Peter Fraser was that moment for me. He gave me the answers to my two fundamental questions and helped me to restore my health though correcting the distortions in my body’s cellular communication system (which we now call the human body-field).

    The fundamental idea is this: In order to work out what’s wrong, you need to access the body’s control system — or cellular communication system — and be able to read and correct it. Really, there’s nothing miraculous about this. It’s the body that is the miracle, and if you help to correct its control systems and activate its self-healing mechanisms, it will do the rest.

    Biochemistry has its limits as a control system, but Bioenergetics understands a field-based communication system that allows us to not only read what’s going on in the body, but directly influence it as well. Simply put, if you can read and correct the body’s control system, you can read and correct people’s health.

    Let’s have a closer look at what Bioenergetics and field-based control systems are all about. Ponder this question:

       What is life?

    Really, the only true answer is that life is an energy exchange system.

    If we zoom out and look at the sun, it is exchanging energy — it’s sending out photons is sunlight, they end up shining on the earth, plants use that source of energy, animals end up eating those plans, animals eat other animals, and humans eat both plants and animals. Overall, when you’re looking at life, everything is exchanging energy all the time. If things aren’t exchanging and things aren’t moving, there’s no life.

    If we look at the macro level, we are constantly exchanging energy — we eat energy through food, we create energy, we consume water, we use light as a form of energy, especially infrared and ambient heat, we move, we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide…

    Fundamentally, life is an energy exchange system. If you didn’t exchange any of those four key items — food, water, light, and oxygen — you would simply die.

    That’s how essential this field of Bioenergetics is, it’s the study of how energy actually works in living systems.

    Yet, for some reason, we all get completely stuck on diet, and sometimes exercise, which is at the macro level and much easier to comprehend. But let’s look now at the quantum level at how very, very small cells are exchanging energy. They are exchanging energy day-to-day and doing so as a form of communication. If your cells don’t know what they’re doing and aren’t able to talk to each other, then the whole body breaks down. This control system is crucial to your health.

    Now, that’s quite a big statement, because we’re all used to the idea of biochemical or genetic control system. If we step back and take a look, we see the historical and scientific precedent for these ideas.

    A famous scientist by the name of Albert Szent-Györgyi said that life is too rapid and subtle to be explained by slow moving chemical reactions and nerve impulses in the human body.

    The body consists of 70 trillion cells, each with 10 million chemical reactions taking place each second. If this is the only way of communication, it’s far too slow. It would take seconds, possibly even minutes, for one cell to create a chemical, go into the blood, and get picked up by another cell. There has to be another communication system in addition to simple chemical messengers. That communication system is the body-field, which works far faster and more efficiently than biochemical messages.

    Fields in the body are a familiar concept in mainstream science and medicine. Modern technologies like EKGs, ECGs, and MRIs measure heart rhythms, brain waves, and magnetic resonance. However, medicine has ignored the fact that these fields also contain information that it vital for cellular communication.

    Now let’s discuss the science behind all this…

    To lead in with some fairly straightforward quantum physics — Einstein said that E=mc², or that a body’s kinetic energy is equal to its mass times the speed of light. He also said that “the field is the sole governing force of the particle”. Putting those two ideas together suggests that everything in the universe, including our biology, is made up of energy. It also suggests that the field that governs the particles is able to communicate both instantaneously and non-locally.

    If we’re looking at the 70 trillion cells in your body, they must have a tight knit control system with instantaneous communication. All of the molecules in your body, including proteins, are connected and governed by this field. It’s what allows you to experience the magnificence of existence.

    We’ve now built upon Einstein’s statement, and can say that the body-field is the sole governing force of life.

    If having a healthy body-field means that you feel healthy, then disease occurs when it gets distorted or cells can’t properly communicate information to one another. These breakdowns occur when the body is compromised through toxins like heavy metals, or physical and emotional traumas. While we may not think of this breakdown as a cause of disease, it is the fundamental central piece that is overlooked in disease theory.

    If we can use other methods — like diet, exercise, or acupuncture — to detoxify the body and overcome disease, why not go directly to the body’s control system?

    If you present the body-field with the ideal information, it is able to correct itself. We can do this using what we call Infoceuticals — fields imprinted into structured water. When this water is consumed, your body is able to pick up this information, put instructions directly into the cellular communication system, and allow the healing mechanisms to activate.

    There is significant historical context for this strategy, beginning over 200 years ago with the work of Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician and the father of homeopathy. Hahnemann held the view that “like cures like” and began imprinting liquids and milk solids with a negative message to get the body to react against it and correct itself. To stop vomiting, for instance, he would dilute a small amount of an herb that induced vomiting and then let the body react against it.

    Moving forward into this century, there have been a few scientists who have looked into this more closely. During the 1980’s, immunologist Jacques Benveniste spent time studying how cells react with an allergen. He would put the allergen in water, take it out, and expose cells to the imprinted water. Surprisingly, the cells reacted as if the allergen was still in the water, even though only the imprint was left.

    But why give the body negative information and hope that it is well enough and has enough energy to work out its own solution? Why not provide it with the optimal blueprint so it can immediately start to correct its function?

    That is how Infoceuticals are able to work. Since the body-field facilitates non-local instantaneous communication, all we need is the information. It’s like sending a “message in a bottle” to your cells and organs.

    The journey started with Samuel Hahnemann’s lactose sugar pills, continued with Jacques Benveniste’s research, and through my own personal experiences I have been driven to pursue it even further.

    Thinking back to 15 years ago, spending most of a decade trying to get my health back and not knowing what the future would hold, it’s a little emotional.

    But I am here now to tell you that even when things look really, really dark –and there really isn’t any darker moment than when you have no energy, no health, no money, and no knowledge — and you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, that situation can still be turned around.

    We are now in the midst of a revolution in science, education, and technology that will enable us to decode the human body field to a much broader extent. Modern technology and an influx of new data will help us understand more about the root cause of our illnesses each day and to restore humanity’s energy for life.