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The Strange Science of Water

  • by Harry Massey, Founder, NES Health

    Water isn’t like any other liquid on the planet. Its differences are the key to our survival, but if you’re not taking advantage of this, you’re sorely missing out.

    The Strange Science of Water

    Your body is about 60% water.

    The earth is 71% water. 

    You’ve probably heard similar approximations of these numbers since you were in grade school. One of those facts isn’t entirely correct though. 

    Your body is 60% water by volume. But water has a much higher percentage in your body. A whopping 99%. 

    It’s easy to understand volume. You can clearly see it with your eyes. You can look at a milk jug and know there’s a gallon in there. Knowing how many calcium ions are in there is another matter entirely.

    You need an understanding of science to even know different molecules exist within the milk. And you need the right math equations to figure out the exact composition of it.

    Which is why it wasn’t until recently someone even considered to figure out water comprises 99% of the molecules within your body.

    This is hardly the most important strange fact about water. When you start digging into the science, it’s apparent how vital its relative weirdness is -- and how that can be exploited to affect your overall wellness. 

    Water abnormalities are life-giving

    Liquids are bound to certain mechanics, density qualities, and electrical conductivity. 

    Water, however, presents a great many anomalies. According to research, there are 72 anomalous properties. 

    Some of them, you’re intimately familiar with -- like how the density of water, when frozen, is less than its liquid form.

    Notably, water isn’t able to freeze until the entirety of it is 4 degrees Celsius. Even then, unlike other liquids, only the top freezes, allowing fish and other marine life to survive.

    It also has one of the highest surface tensions of all molecules. It’s how bugs are able to skate on its surface, even small rocks can float, and there’s a stickiness to it you can visibly notice when you look in a glass or graduated cylinder.

    An example of capillary action in a glass of water

    Officially, this “stickiness” is called a meniscus. If you haven’t heard that term before, you’ve seen how it looks like water is trying to climb out. Or how the water is higher in the straw than the water in the glass.

    Thankfully, water has anomalous property, capillary action, because you wouldn’t be able to live without it. This is how your blood is able to flow through your 60,000 miles of veins, capillaries, and arteries.

    In short, without these anomalous properties of water, life simply wouldn’t exist.

    The structure of water

    The vast majority of liquids have three phases: solid, liquid, and gas. Water was believed to be the same until Dr. Pollack, Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, started looking at water in a more critical fashion.

    He discovered a FOURTH phase of water and named it “structured water.” You’ll sometimes also see it called H2O3 and hexagonal water.

    Structured water is a gel-like form that’s essential for your health and a major fuel source for the body.

    Water gets structured by hydrophilic (water-loving) surfaces like cell membranes. Cell membranes cause the hydrogen molecules to split into positive and negative -- a charge separation. 

    The moment this happens, the charge separation creates potential energy. In other words, you basically have a battery.

    You see, water is the medium that connects the quantum world to the body field to the physical body. This wouldn’t be possible without water’s fourth phase. 

    Obviously, you need structured water for optimal health, so your body can maintain and direct all its normal processes. 

    3 ways to get structured water

    Water is essential for life, but the water you really need is structured water. 

    Simply drinking enough water every day will keep the levels of structured water within your body up. Your body is intelligent enough to create it on its own. 

    1. Drink structured water
      Of course, you can help yourself out by drinking water that’s already structured. The closer water is to Nature (like water from a pure spring), the better structured the water will be. Given how tap water is full of treatment chemicals and numerous toxins (including pharmaceuticals), this option may not be the most accessible for you. 

    1. Drink vegetable juice
      As part of the photosynthesis process, plants generate structured water. Simply eating vegetables or juicing them will provide structured water.

    1. Get some sun
      One of Dr. Pollack’s research assistants accidentally discovered that by shining infrared light on water, it increases its structure.

    The good news is you don’t have to drink water that’s had infrared light shined on it. You only need to go in the sun or an infrared sauna. They are able to structure the water that’s already in your body. Just be sure to drink more water than normal to account for any lost through perspiration.

    However, there’s an even better use for structured water.

    The top use of structured water

    The science of NES Infoceuticals stands primarily on the shoulders of a Nobel Prize winner (Dr. Luc Montagnier) and a prestigious molecular biologist, Dr. Benveniste.

    What these two men and scientists in Russia realized through experimentation is structured water has the unique ability to carry, store, and transmit information. In other words, water has memory and can share it with other water molecules.

    Structured water in infoceuticals

    NES is able to exploit this unique property of water to imprint structured water with information, creating Infoceuticals.

    Each Infoceutical contains a special frequency designed to communicate with a specific part of the body field.

    Now, 99% of your body is molecularly water, but that doesn’t mean it’s all the same. The water in your bones, for instance, is different from the water in your muscles.

    Infoceuticals are able to resonate and bring parts of the body field back into alignment. Without the anomalous nature of water, this wouldn’t be possible.