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Mind Body & the Vagus Nerve Connection Summit

  • Now that the Choice Point Masterclass has completed, join Harry Massey, NES Health Founder, on June 15-21, 2020 for the free Mind Body & the Vagus Nerve Connection Summit. This summit covers another aspect of the mind and body that is crucial to healing.

    Mind Body & the Vagus Nerve Connection Summit Details

    With the guidance of Dr. Eva Detko, Harry Massey, and 42 other experts, the summit will help you understand and address the root causes of low vagal tone, recognize symptoms of vagus nerve dysfunction, optimize gut-brain communication, address emotional trauma and chronic stress, improve relationships and strengthen vagus function with physical and mind-based approaches.

    You’ll learn about all aspects of vagus nerve dysfunction and its role in health and healing, as well as a wide range of mind- and body-based strategies to increase vagal tone and rebalance the autonomic nervous system.

    Daily Suggestions for Immediate Use

    Each day of the summit ends with a unique "Vagus Nerve Stimulation Session" that can be used right away to help improve your vagus function -- learn how you can begin to improve vagal tone and restore balance to your autonomic nervous system.

    Free Resources with Sign-up

    Join us and take your healing to the next level! And, when you sign up now, you’ll get access to several free gifts including a 12-page eGuide with strategies to increase your vagal tone, learn about the connection between strong vagus function and a healthy immune system, and more!


    Don't forget! You CANNOT properly address health issues — like gut, immune system or brain disorders — WITHOUT optimizing vagus nerve function.