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Is Remote Care Here to Stay?

  • by Harry Massey, Founder, NES Health

    The way your clients view the outside world has forever changed.

    You’re now in a situation where many clients are searching for online- or virtual practices so they can stay at home -- and hopefully avoid what they consider to be a bigger threat.

    After all, everyone is now dealing with…

    • Wearing masks everywhere in public

    • Standing 6 feet apart

    • Waiting in lines to get into stores

    • Being subjected to temperature checks

    • Waiving their health rights when in large crowds

    Despite all this, people are willing to trade their basic liberties for basic necessities. Regardless of how long the lines are, they still need food.

    Regardless of the warnings, people still want to have fun -- be able to distract themselves with something as simple as a drink or as frivolous as a trip to an amusement park.

    But what happens when it’s their health? Their eyesight…? Are people still willing to put themselves at risk, or are they content with “just good enough”?

    Is this the death of the small practice?

    Getting people to walk through your door is hard enough.

    But how much harder will it be when they have to wait outside to get inside… in the winter… in the blazing summer heat…? How about the rain?

    And if they do make it inside, they’ll see your chairs cordoned off.

    A New Kind of Doctor Waiting Room with Social Distancing

    Current laws say people have to be 6 feet apart, so most chairs have become useless. And you can forget about keeping them somewhat entertained with magazines and newspapers.

    The real question here is: what do your clients value regarding your health care?

    After all, you’ve likely spent a lot of time building relationships with your clients. You know their children, where they go for vacation, and like to think of yourself as more than a health practitioner to them.

    Certainly some of your clients will still prefer face-to-face visits, but others will not.

    If the only care of a client is getting assessed and making sure she stays healthy, are you equipped to deal with it?

    The world has already seen situations like this before -- where even huge companies have faded into existence because they didn’t accept technology quickly enough. Think: Blockbuster, Kodak, Borders, and Toys R Us.

    The world has entered an entirely new category when it comes to healthcare, though there have been telephone counselors and the like for decades now.

    What remains to be seen is if the world will return to normal, or if face-to-face consultations lose way to virtual practices.

    Take charge of your practice NOW

    There’s no reason your practice has to close and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to see the same amount of clients -- or more.

    Remote Care with Bioenergetics

    You see, you might be hamstrung when it comes to meeting people in person, but there’s a way you can still assess the health of your clients and help them.

    You’ve surely noticed by now that calls for refills and simple check-ins are easy enough. But most of your clients don’t have anything to check their heart rate, much less their blood pressure.

    Your ability to figure out what you need to do has significantly been cut.

    But there’s an incredibly easy, even a quick way, to assess health from across a computer screen.

    You only need to take advantage of technology not available to previous generations.

    Start a bioenergetics practice 

    The more science delves into the human body, the clearer it becomes the ancients were on to something.

    Chakra, qi, the meridians, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda… They all point to an energy system that runs throughout the human body.

    Our founders, Peter Fraser and Harry Massey, experimented with these “energy fields”. Since they’re directly intertwined with your body and affect your health, the study of energy fields is called, “bioenergetics.”

    Imbalances in the energy fields present obvious root cause issues. These imbalances can be found without seeing your client in your office. You don’t even need to order a blood test.

    All it takes is a few seconds of your client placing a finger on a scanner -- a scanner your client has at her own house.

    You’ll get almost instant results that you can discuss with your client via video conferencing in our app or on your computer.

    You’ll even be able to offer your client Infoceuticals, direct solutions to the imbalances discovered in the scan.

    The result is a profitable, virtual business that allows you to stay open to help even more clients.

    You can find out a good deal more about our trial by clicking on the link below. Or, if you’re ready to see how a virtual practice can shoot your business into the stratosphere, try our bioenergetics system for 60 days. You can even start seeing clients during your trial!

    Start My 60-Day Trial

    If you need more information first, you can easily schedule time with one of reps. They can show you exactly how bioenergetics can help your wellness AND your career.

    If one thing is clear, it’s that remote care is here to stay -- especially for people who are concerned about their health. Adapt your practice now so you can stay ahead of the curve and survive the next wave.