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Fix THIS First for Optimal Health

  • by Harry Massey, Founder, NES Health

    Getting optimal health isn’t a one way street. It’s not even a two-way street.

    There are many divergent and convergent paths that lead every which way. With so much information available at your fingertips thanks to the internet, it can be easy to get distracted. You can be tempted to try every tactic without seeing much success.

    You may even have trouble getting results on a tried and true path. It’s times like these where you need to change your perspective.

    By getting a bio-field scan, it’s like putting you in a helicopter above all the intertwining streets. From way up, you’re able to get a clear view of the path you need to take.

    What we’ve seen, time after time, is your problems are hinging on this area you’ve probably never even heard of before.  

    In fact, even when you look at the name, it’s not immediately obvious what BFA even is.

    What is BFA?

    If you’ve had a scan before, you’ll know the bio-fields are all pretty self-explanatory. They share the name of the organ or system. But BFA stands out.

    BFA stands for Big Field Aligner. Now, it’s blatantly obvious that it aligns your big field. Perhaps less obvious is that it aligns your body-field with the Big Field of Earth.

    Though you may not know what exactly that means, you know exactly how it feels when you need the BFA infoceutical -- when it’s revealed to you. (There are also other ways to realign your body-field that we’ll visit later).

    If you find yourself having trouble focusing… if people have to say your name several times before you respond… or you’re unorganized, these are a few hints you should realign your body-field with the Big Field.

    When this interconnection is distorted, it must be corrected before other areas because it tends to make subsequent body-field readings less accurate.

    The 3 axes of the Big Field

    In the scan, the Big Field gets treated like it’s a structure of your body field for the sake of simplicity. But it’s more of a relationship between your body-field and natural Earth and cosmic energies and fields.

    There are three axes within it that are looked at separately in your scan. They are the vertical, equatorial, and magnetic polar axes.

    They cross through the midline of your body, slightly to the left, where your heart is located.

    Since they run so close to your heart and the heart plays an important role in imprinting information that gets to your brain and cells, these axes are absolutely vital to your health and the rest of your body-fields.

    Once again, a misalignment in any of these axes can leave you feeling off-balance, unorganized. You might be unable to focus, be impatient and not entirely in control of your emotions.

    The Equatorial Axis is formed by the Earth’s rotation. It runs horizontally through the middle of your body. 

    In bioenergetics, it appears to be related to a fundamental aspect of biochemistry, which is the exchange of electric charge between molecules. 

    One aspect of this is the exchange of electrons between free radicals and antioxidants. Free radicals are damaging molecules that lack an electron (a negatively charged particle). 

    They will “steal” an electron from another molecule in order to become complete. This triggers a chain reaction where the now incomplete molecule steals an electron from its neighbor. This process damages our cells and is part of the aging process. 

    Antioxidants freely give up one of their electrons and so they help to protect our cells. Another place this swapping of electronic charge occurs is in the liver, where the liver transforms toxins into forms that can be safely excreted from the body. 

    The organs that sit in the middle of the body, including the liver and the large intestine, may be affected by an Equatorial Axis misalignment. Metabolic processes such as energy production and sugar regulation may be affected by an imbalance here.

    The Vertical Axis is generated by gravity. 

    It runs from head to toe through your body. There appears to be a strong correlation with this axis and the autonomic nervous system’s control of functions like blood pressure, heart rate variability, and sleep. 

    Any form of sustained stress can push the Vertical Axis out of balance. We can struggle to adapt to stress when our mechanisms for coping with it are being pushed to their limit. 

    Symptoms like feeling light-headed or dizzy on standing, having to shade the eyes from bright light, heart palpitations, and insomnia can all be related to nervous system symptoms related to long-term stress. 

    Misalignment of the Vertical Axis can also be associated with geopathic stress. Geopathic stress relates specifically to the health effects of vibrations and fields that emanate from Earth’s interior and flow across its surface. 

    The energies detrimental to health arise especially from caves and subterranean caverns or from certain types of underground streams and aquifers, fault lines, and particular kinds of mineral and coal deposits.

    The Magnetic Polar Axis is generated by the magnetic poles of the Earth. The Earth is cocooned in magnetic fields, which emerge both from the interior molten core of the Earth and from electromagnetic waves coming in from the universe around us. 

    Research has shown that most living organisms, from coral polyps to human beings, are affected by the pull of magnetism from the moon and by Earth’s own magnetic field. 

    Our internal body clock is set not only by light, but also by magnetic fields. If this is a priority on your scan you may be experiencing disturbed sleep or a shifted day/night rhythm. This axis is also associated with how your body creates and distributes heat. 

    When out of alignment you may be experiencing heat regulation issues such as having cold hands or feet, or variations in temperature within your body (sometimes people have a hot or cold patch, or experience a temperature variance between the left and right side of their body). You may also find it harder to adjust to changes or extremes in temperature and have difficulty with sweating (too much or too little).

    Get your axes in alignment

    It’s hardly surprising that you get knocked out of alignment. Society has steadily eliminated green spaces. We have moved away from nature and into concrete buildings. 

    Spending most of your time out of the sunlight and disconnected from the earth, it’s no small wonder why people are commonly out of alignment. 

    The obvious solution is to start taking the BFA infoceutical. By taking in the correct information, you’ll naturally get yourself back in line with the Big Field of Earth.

    You can also spend time in nature and ground yourself. Be sure to take off your shoes and wiggle your toes in the grass. The rubber soles of your shoes act as insulators, so you’re unable to ground yourself with them on.

    Mind your EMFs.

    Your electronics could be affecting your alignment. Be especially mindful of your cell phone. Use it as infrequently as you can and when you’re not, keep it at least a few feet away from you. 

    Also, make sure you’re keeping your electronics as far away from your bed as possible. Since you spend so much time sleeping, you’re bombarded with EMFs for hours without even thinking about it.

    Once you’re able to realign yourself with the earth, you’ll be able to regain your focus, feel more like yourself again, and get far down the road to optimal health.