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A Conversation with Peter Fraser, co-founder of NES, in 2020

  • by Harry Massey, Founder, NES Health

    At NES Health, July marks a month of remembrance, reflection and renewal. 

    Peter, co-founder of NES Health, passed away on July 19, 2012.

    2012 also marked NES moving to the USA and the end of the Mayan calendar. We were being led into the dark before the dawn and, eventually, came to our global Choice Point in 2020. 

    This morning, while driving across Montana taking some time to reflect on how bioenergetics fits into the world going forward, I asked myself what Peter would say if he was here today. 

    Peter Fraser and Harry Massey Founders NES Health

    Harry: Good to hear you, Peter. How have you been? 

    Peter: Well… the afterlife is a little static.

    Harry: What do you mean by that?

    Peter: When I died my Information, my total life of thinking, became stored in Space. When I died, my energy, along with the atoms that it held together, dissolved and were recycled back into the Universe.

    But Information, as Einstein states can never be destroyed, so I am here forever -- but only when others choose to access me, as Information requires Energy to access it. Without that exchange of energy, I am static… 

    Fortunately, thanks to the wonderful bioenergetic community, our Information lives on, morphing into new understandings and possibilities.

    Harry: Where do you think Information medicine is going? 

    Peter: It’s encouraging how scientists, mostly in Russia, are looking into the mechanisms of the memory of water. However the majority of thinking is attempting to make memory in water a mechanistic molecular understanding.  

    People always struggle with quantum physics, with the idea that Information is a structure in Space. Water is just a medium through which energy is easily able to transfer and access Information. Given the ease with which Information in Water is transferred to the body-field as soon as you drink a glass of water, it’s perfect to support health. 

    Harry: Peter, 2020 has been the most challenging year for so many people. What do you see ? 

    Peter: Truth ultimately will prevail. Power will rebalance and go back to more rational people. Harry, there are some really stupid greedy people who are overplaying their hand day by day. Just remember, the more they lie to cling on to control, the more they are sowing their own seeds of destruction. Keep spreading truth and remember Freedom is a state of mind. 

    Harry: What do you mean by “Freedom is a state of mind”? 

    Peter: I spent years meditating with the Maharshi movement. Eventually, I realized as much as they were teaching to Free your mind, they trapped themselves in their own ideology.  

    I left and being able to then recognize and detach from ideologies, led to being able to think completely independently and Free. 

    2020 is an extraordinary opportunity and test for people to say “no” to what they are being blindly told, to tune out of mainstream & social media and find their own truth. Ultimately everyone can be Free if they choose independent thought as no one can control your thoughts -- unless you blindly allow your thoughts to be chosen by social programming and your environment. 

    Harry: Your energetic terrain theory is so relevant to today. What additional insights do you have for people?

    Peter: While correcting your Terrain as far as health is concerned is far more important than worrying about viruses, we would have updated terrain theory to include looking at how viruses are genetic messengers communicating to others’ Information about the environment.  

    For instance, when your lungs get too cold from the air it breathes, your body protects itself by constricting its airflow and producing mucus. In the same manner through sneezing, you are able to pass on Information to others that the air in the environment is too cold. 

    A similar mechanism happens with environmental toxins in the air, the lungs cough up genetic material, of which no difference under a microscope can be distinguished between an exosome or virus, which then passes on information about the environment, in order to protect other lungs, which uses the message to strengthen the cellular material ahead of breathing in any toxic air. 

    There has been this split between medicine of virus and terrain theory, neither side believing the other has any merit, yet they are really different sides of the same coin. To fully explain viruses, immunology and environmental communication, the theories need to be united. The ET Infoceuticals are useful for supporting the immune system and help protect against genetic damage from environmental toxins. 

    Harry: And how does Bioenergetics fit into the world going forwards?

    Peter: It’s now more relevant than ever. Just like truth will prevail and Information can never be destroyed, this crisis marks the beginning of a great expansion of Bioenergetics. 

    Trust in the dominant healthcare paradigm is at an all time low with people seeking out a more unified understanding of how healing truly works. And as they go down the rabbit hole, they will see biochemistry has its limitations that can only be answered by going to the fundamental building blocks of the universe – physics. 

    As painful as it is for many, the energy that is currently being put into holding onto a dying paradigm, is catalyzing millions that will release a new cycle of a more humane unified philosophy – Bioenergetics. Keep going, it is all as it is meant to be.