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Your Body Is Out of Sync and It's Affecting Your Health

  • by Harry Massey, Founder, NES Health

    When we talk about your body's control system, or “body-field,” we’re talking about something that uses the resonance of energy signals to provide communication throughout the body. 

    This system, like the name implies, affects the entirety of your body, your health, and ultimately, your energy levels.

    With the NES BioEnergetix WellNES System, you're able to assess this system with our scanner.

    What if your control system isn't in resonance?

    If parts of the body that are supposed to be talking aren’t talking (they’re not sharing resonance), this means that one or more of the signals has gone bad. 

    This would be like trying to talk to someone else on a CB radio, but you’re using different channels, so you’re not hearing each other. You need to get back onto the same channel. 

    Think about what this means in the body. 

    If all the liver cells are in resonance, communicating the message of a healthy cell, then these cells will act in harmony, doing what healthy cells are meant to do. This represents a healthy liver. 

    But if something like stress or toxins distorts the fields of some of these cells and they stop communicating with the rest, then they have to work in isolation. They may not adjust to the immediate needs of the liver, so it fails to get all the support it’s looking for and starts wasting energy to get things done. 

    In this situation, new stressors and toxins may have a bigger impact, distorting more cells, and the problem builds. 

    If distortions are too great, the operating instructions of the cells could actually go bad, in which case those cells begin to malfunction and literally work against the health of the liver. 

    We’re looking at the initial issues that caused the problems in the first place. That’s why bioenergetic corrections are so important. 

    Another possible communication problem is that parts of the body just aren’t speaking efficiently. This means that something is blocking their resonance, and that blockage needs to be resolved. 

    This would be like having a cell phone conversation with someone when the signal keeps breaking up and you’re only catching half of what the other person is saying. 

    Getting your message across in this case means a lot of repetition, sometimes raised voices, and sometimes having to call back. In short, a lot of extra effort—or energy— goes into this communication. When this happens in the body-field, it means the body battery is being drained more quickly.

    Achieving bio-resonance with Infoceuticals

    The scanner can assess your control system and identify the parts of it that aren't resonating properly.

    The results of this scan are never as simple as finding a single location and addressing it. For instance, your scan might reveal there are issues with your liver, heart, lungs... etc. 

    Just looking at the scan results can be overwhelming. But thanks to decades of research and fine-tuning, our proprietary software is capable of showing you the areas that need to be prioritized. 

    These areas are then addressed with Infoceuticals. Infoceuticals are imprinted with information that will help your body achieve healthy bio-resonance so the parts of your body can speak properly (i.e. by being on the same wavelength).