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What's Wrong With My NES Scan?

  • by Harry Massey, Founder, NES Health

    So you've had your first scan... or your second... third... thirtieth and something seems really off. 

    Your scan is the complete opposite of what you expected. 

    It's like you studied for an exam, knew everything there is to know, and failed it miserably. Or, you went in knowing nothing at all about earth science and scored an A. 

    Your NES scan might have gone the same way. You may have expected it to go so well and it would tell you that you didn't need to fix anything at all. 

    But that's not the way it turned out at all. 

    Why Doesn't My NES Scan Reflect My Overall Health?

    This sort of scan result seems to turn logic on its head. 

    Contrary to what you might expect, if you are out of shape, feel like you don't have much energy, and your diet is horrible by any health standard, your NES scan may show very few severe body-field distortions (purple and orange items) in your first few scans. 

    On the other hand, if you feel great, have so much energy you can hardly contain it, exercise daily, etc, your first few scans could show many purple items.

    Why is this happening? How does it make any sense at all?

    Like it was mentioned earlier, there's seemingly no logic to it.

    So let's put it this way. Picture an old, boxy, TV with an antenna sticking out of it. If the antenna isn't aimed the right way, the picture would get "lost". You'd see a screen full of static, or "snow."

    If you moved that antenna into an even worse position, you might not notice a change at all. Because the picture was already so distorted, any new distortion is nearly impossible to see.

    But if you had a crystal clear picture and the antenna shifted a little bit, causing a little bit of static, you would notice it right away. It would really stand out.

    A similar type of phenomenon sometimes occurs in NES scans.

    The Truth Behind Your Body-Field Distortions

    When there are a lot of severe distortions in your  field, then nothing in particular may stand out as significant. 

    In reality, many things are significant, but the body-field may not have the power or energy to send out anything but a weak matching response. 

    The scan seeks the best possible answers under the circumstances. In some cases, the best possible answer is that the intelligence of the body-field is saying, “Don’t mess with too much too soon.” So it shows a relatively clean scan. 

    But as the Infoceutical protocol is followed and the body is repowered, the body-field has the energy to better respond and it reports on distortions that it is ready to have addressed.

    This means that as the body-field corrections take place, a scan can suddenly show up with lots of purples. At this point, the body-field is finally able to respond to the scanning software with the vigor and information that allow the distortions to stand out.

    They will be unmasked and the body-field will be adequately powered to be able to deal with them. In the same way, a relatively healthy person could show many purple or severe items in a scan.

    This kind of masking is not common, but it can occur, so anyone using NES should understand what it means.

    Will I Ever Have a Perfect Body-Field Scan?

    As you go through the Infoceutical protocol, some distortions will drop off. So naturally, if you knock them off one-by-one, you'd eventually have a perfect scan, right?

    Unfortunately, the answer is no. The fact is that we can never be isolated from our environment. We are constantly exposed to all sorts of fields, toxins, stressors, and the like. Our bodies will always be thrown off by something. 

    Plus, our emotions, beliefs, perceptions, memories, and more affect our biology. So as long as we are thinking, feeling, and emoting and human beings, we will be experiencing the ups and downs of life and reacting to them.

    No one will ever achieve a perfect scan. Just like how you always have to keep exercising and eating right to stay healthy, you have to constantly work with your body-field to maintain optimal health and live the life you love.