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#52 Practitioner Interview with Aleya Harris

  • Founder and Owner of Flourish Marketing and NES Health practitioner Aleya Harris joins Helen Frank in this week's episode of the Breakthrough Bioenergetics Podcast. Her main business motto is - aligned energy plus business strategy equals a flourishing empire. In this week’s episode you will also hear:

    • Aleya's career journey from Marketing employee, to Chef, to owning her own business
    • Her introduction to bioenergetics through her spiritual coach
    • How she offers NES scans to coach her clients into becoming more mentally, energetically, spiritually, emotionally as a person and as an entrepreneur 
    • How scans have helped her clients create content after months of being stuck due to mental and emotional blocks, get new jobs, become open to opportunities, and open up real growth for their businesses
    • And more!