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Become a Health Coach Like No Other & Help People Recover their Energy for Life!

On this page you’ll learn:

  • Why real health solutions are so desperately needed.
  • Whether health coaching is right for you.
  • Why this is the most holistic coaching course you can find.
  • How you can start working with paying clients within the next 30-60 days!
  • How you can use technology to stand out, offer more, and get better results.
  • How you can have the repetitive work of coaching done for you. (So you can feel like an expert from the day you start practicing!)
  • How you can have a business up and running in no time with a website, marketing systems, forms, scheduling, and much more done for you. Even have the power of a global brand behind you.
  • How you can work the hours you like from anywhere you want and truly make a difference in people’s lives!

We promise: give this page your time and you’ll discover why this is truly a one-of-a-kind program that will set you apart and help you toward success!

Today’s Health Crisis

Today, nearly half of the American population has at least one chronic disease, and there are similar numbers worldwide. Nearly 30% of the world’s population is obese or overweight.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that eliminating three risk factors – poor diet, inactivity, and smoking – would prevent:

  • 80% of heart disease and stroke;
  • 80% of type 2 diabetes;
  • 40% of cancer
  • 33% of the US population has high blood pressure. The diabetes epidemic alone threatens to bankrupt the US healthcare system. Yet only 3% of US healthcare dollars are spent on keeping people healthy.

Clearly this must change, and it rapidly is changing, which is why:

  • The health coaching industry is worth $6 billion annually – and is growing.
  • The global wellness industry grew 74% between 2009–2013: from $1.9 trillion to $3.4 trillion and is currently at $3.7 trillion.
  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 21% increase in health workers focused on preventative health from 2014–2024.
  • About 75% of employers (~100,000 companies) now offer workplace wellness programs. A majority of businesses surveyed reported that they planned on expanding the scope of their wellness programs, which will provide opportunities for the industry in the coming years.
  • Doctors don’t have time to provide patients with the kind of health guidance needed. This is why the American Medical Association (AMA) supports health coaching and encourages their member physicians to implement health coaches into their practices.

In short, both financially and in terms of quality of life, the world needs real wellness solutions. It needs health coaches. And most of all … it needs a special kind of health coach. One that addresses things holistically like no other. That’s what this program is about.

Is the Energy4Life Coaching Program Right for You?

  • Are you passionate about empowering others to live their best and healthiest lives?
  • Do you want a career that can pay you well, has flexible hours, can be remote, makes a difference, and fulfills you?
  • Do you want to stand apart from other health coaches and offer something truly unique? Something that offers a more holistic solution? Something that gets great results and helps your business grow from word of mouth?
  • Would you like a system that makes coaching easy for you even when you’re just getting started?
  • Would you like a system that takes away the repetitive nature of coaching and leaves you with the most interesting and personalized aspects of the work?
  • Would you like the opportunity to earn money while still training?
  • Would you like to end up with a turnkey business, giving you tools like scheduling, payment handling, messaging with clients, intake forms, follow-up forms, a website, marketing tools, and more so you can quickly get to the business of helping people?
  • Would you like the power of a growing brand behind you to help more people find you?

If you answered yes to these questions, it’s time to start your journey toward becoming an Energy4Life Coach today – a wellness coach like no other!

Energy4Life Coaches Put the “Whole” in Holistic

The body, at its core, is an energy system. For instance, the body’s chemistry is based on the movement of energy particles like electrons. The body responds to light and to electromagnetic fields. And water isn’t anything like most people think it is when it’s in the body. It literally takes on the role of a battery (among other things).

If you don’t deal with energy and its control system, you’re ignoring the foundation of what’s happening in the body. Which is why Energy4Life coaches go beyond teaching healthy life choices to their clients. It’s why they incorporate “bioenergetics.”

Bioenergetics is the study, detection, and correction of energy in living systems. Something we’ve been at for decades, and have taught to thousands of practitioners. And something that every Energy4Life coach works with.

That’s why the Energy4Life coaching course opens with Anatomy & Physiology training (critical for anyone working with health), then dives into a history and modern understanding of bioenergetics as well as practical bioenergetic exercises. We want to make bioenergetics real for you.

After this, we get in depth with lifestyle training, including 4 modules crossing the spectrum of human life:

  • Circadian Rhythm Management for Sleep and Supercharged Energy
  • The Profound Power and Importance of Water for Optimum Health
  • The Power of Planet Earth and Nature for Health
  • How and Why to Complete a Home Chemical Clean up
  • Light Strategies for Supercharged Energy
  • Advanced Strategies: Using Hormesis for Optimum Health

Mind / Emotions
  • The Importance of Mindset for Optimum Energy and Health
  • Creating a Healing Flow State for Health
  • Stimulating the Vagus Nerve for Supercharged Energy
  • Brain Retraining for Relieving Stress and Optimizing Energy, Wellbeing and Health
  • Working to Release Emotions for Optimum Energy and Health
  • Building Emotional Intelligence: The Message of Emotions

  • Dietary Fundamentals for Supercharged Energy and Health
  • Dietary Strategies for Personalization: Managing Blood Sugar
  • Strategies for Overcoming Food and Beverage Addiction
  • The Revolutionary Impact of Exercise on Health and Energy Levels
  • Diet Strategies for Healing the Gut
  • The Amazing Healing Power of Fasting

  • Addressing Social Stress for Awesome Energy and Health
  • The Stunning Impact of Early Life Stress on Health Across a Lifetime
  • Identifying and Healing Survival Styles for Optimum Energy
  • Subpersonality Integration for Supercharged Energy
  • Healing Self-Love Deficit Disorder
  • Mass Consciousness and Cultural Influences on Health

All of these are based on the latest science and research so that you can proudly stand behind the guidance your clients receive and be confident in what you represent as a coach. These lessons cover an exceptional amount of detail that many health professionals just don’t know about! Meanwhile, many of the lessons continue the theme that the body goes beyond just the biochemistry of nutrition and medicine. That when you look at the science, chemistry all goes back to the physics of the body, or its energy systems and how these are controlled. This is why we teach about lighting (including people’s addictions to screen time into the evening hours when these are most detrimental) and the role of light in food; how to deal with EMFs; how to keep an all important negative charge to the body with all the electrons you could need; and much more. We not only break all this lifestyle training into 24 science-based lessons; we also provide loads of practical tips with every lesson so you can get real, down-to-earth results with your clients. This is how we ensure that you’re not only truly holistic in your approach, but that you’re able to offer tremendous value as well. And if you’re worried about how much there is to learn and then teach to your clients, fear not! In a moment, we’ll show you how this becomes ultra-easy for you. But first …

Beyond Concepts: Tech in Your Hands

You study the course above at your own pace, on your own schedule. If you’re committed to getting it done quickly, you may find yourself finished within 30-60 days, at which point you’re ready for the next step in training. And in that step, you can start to earn while you learn!

See, we go beyond just teaching you about bioenergetics and beyond incorporating these ideas into healthy living.

Once you’ve studied the material above, we put bioenergetic technology into your hands so you can see what it’s like to up your coaching game with this approach to business. In fact, we give you a full 60-day trial with our wellness assessment software and proprietary Infoceutical remedies.

We’re NES Health – the company behind Energy4Life. Since 2003, our coaches and practitioners have helped countless thousands of people see remarkable results in their energy, health, and wellness just using Infoceuticals. Since 2011, we’ve seen those results enhanced with our award-winning, hand-held bioelectric technology, called the miHealth.

Now, as an Energy4Life coach, you’ll get even better, faster results by incorporating these with an entire holistic lifestyle program. Even in your earliest months of coaching, we expect you to see exciting and even dramatic changes in your clients’ lives!

60-Day NES Health Trial

Included with your Energy4Life Coach training, the 60-day NES Health trial (normally $397 US and only available to health professionals) comes with:

  • Our proprietary wellness scanner. (Retail value of $60 US.) Use this with a computer to capture wellness assessments in seconds. If clients choose to purchase this scanner as well, you can even work with them remotely. (They can send their scan to you online.) Perfect for those who do health coaching by phone! (And perfect any time “social distancing” comes along.)
  • A 90-minute coaching call to walk you through YOUR first scan as your trial begins; this not only shows you how to use the system, but also shows how to gain insights into someone’s health. (Retail value of $150 US.)
  • 5 Infoceuticals based on the results of your first scan. (Retail value of $150 US.)
  • Online training about all the screens and their remedies, as well as additional training on the science of bioenergetics.
  • Complete use of our cloud-based system (unlimited scans) for 60 days – normally valued at $794 US outside of a trial.
  • Access to wholesale pricing on our Infoceutical remedies, as well as drop shipping services in case you have remote clients or simply don’t want to stock our products.

In short, we want you to explore the real depths of where you could take your coaching practice. And since this trial lets you actually use this technology with clients, earning money both from consulting on the scans and by selling remedies, this is a live business experience, going way beyond just words on a page or in a video. And one that could reasonably pay for this entire Energy4Life Health Coach course just during the trial.

How so?

Practitioners frequently charge $100 or more for their client consultations with the technology, and you can earn more than $60 profit per client on the remedies as well. So you could easily pay for this course and start putting money in your pocket with as few as 5 clients in 60 days.

Click here to enroll, and begin your journey as an Energy4Life coach today!Get Started

A Turnkey Business

We start you off with one of the most comprehensive lifestyle courses available today. Then we turn everything on its head with technology and exclusive wellness solutions to set you apart from any other health coach and get you better results that clients will talk about.

But that’s not enough. When you combine our training with an investment in NES Health technology, we want to give you all the business tools needed to start working with clients on day one. We want to give you powerhouse marketing tools that would take tens of thousands of dollars to develop on your own. We want to automate your business. We want to help you succeed!

Check out many of our platform features:

• The ability to work from anywhere. (Remote coaching.) Meet your clients in person, or have them get their own scanners and you can work from anywhere speaking to them by phone. This eliminates much of the overhead of running a business!

• Drop ship services. You can stock products if you want them on hand to provide clients. But you can also avoid the cost and risk of stocking by having us ship products to your clients. You simply earn the retail markup and eliminate even more overhead costs!

• A client platform and shop. Attract people to our platform with awesome free content, like our Energy 4 Life book, movies, and popular “imprinted” music. When you share the platform, these people are your clients if they choose to buy services … OR if they buy any products from your shop. We stock it with remedies and technologies and you earn the markup on every sale!

• A professional website that describes your lifestyle coaching and bioenergetic services.

• Content marketing opportunities. Develop articles on our platform and not only can they get picked up by search engines, but if someone searches our main Energy4Life website for a topic, your article could be picked up, bringing the person to your personal Energy4Life website. If they create an account from there, they become your client.

• Health coaching done for you – we provide the same lifestyle training to your clients that you receive in this course, so you literally just need to support them in going through it. (Make sure they’re watching videos and encourage them to follow through on healthy lifestyle choices they’re making.) This saves you a TON of time with every client, and ensures a consistent presentation. It also means you don’t have to remember this vast amount of information … especially useful when you’re first starting out. You can feel confident that your clients are getting fantastic information even when you’re first starting as a coach.

• A platform that stores all your clients, – their bioenergetic scan results, your notes on them, and any intake or follow-up forms they have filled out.

• 24/7 access to scan results for both you and your clients online. If you choose to let them, your clients can see the scans they’ve done with you, where they can read about their different priorities, print the protocol you’ve recommended, and more.

• Automated intake and follow-up forms so you know your clients’ challenges, goals, and lifestyle habits … and can track how things are improving for them. All stored securely in their client profile online. These are very thorough but designed to be completed quickly. If needed, you can add your own questions as well.

• Scheduling and payments. Let us know when you’re accepting clients and we can schedule them on your behalf, and even take payment so you don’t need to worry about that when scanning.

• Messaging. We give you an easy way to communicate with all your clients in one place … and that includes receiving messages from them. This way you can give them great support.

• Book giveaway. We have a system for giving away digital or printed copies of our book, Energy 4 Life, which educates on the value of bioenergetics and how your services – including the lifestyle coaching – work. Readers are far more likely to buy products and services from you. Better yet … your clients can give the book away too, and if those recipients create accounts, they will be linked to you. This is a powerful, viral approach to growing your business!

More … because we are on a mission to change the world with you at our side!

The Business Model

As an Energy4Life coach, you have complete flexibility about how you charge for your services outside our platform, but we also have a built-in business model designed to get you clients who are committed to making changes in their lives and giving you time to help them out. And you’re very well paid for your time!

While this is subject to change (as we use data to refine what gets the best results!), this is how our model currently works:

Clients pay a reduced price for an initial consultation. They receive our scanner, a consultation of up to 90 minutes with you, 5 Infoceuticals, and access to the first 4 lessons from our lifestyle course. (Remember, the lifestyle coaching is done for you!) This gives them a full experience of what you offer.

If they wish to continue with the program, they purchase the rest of the program at one time. This gives them 5 more monthly consultations (up to 60 minutes each), 5 Infoceuticals with each consultation, and lifetime access to the rest of the lifestyle course.

You’re paid over $1000 US (rates differ outside the USA) for these 6 consultations and for answering client questions between appointments.

From this approach, if you’re able to attract just one new client per week, you’re soon earning $52,000 per year. Double that and you’re earning 6 figures. (And for the truly ambitious, it’s possible to build a clinic of practitioners where you’re earning far more.)

This also does not count additional revenue you can earn from other product sales, including our “Feel Good” Infoceuticals, miHealth (you can earn plenty on every sale!), and other products we’ll add to the shop over time.

Of course we cannot tell you what you will earn. We can only describe how the model works. But we’ve written our book for you to give away; we let your clients give it away to attract you more clients; we have other powerful assets for you to give away; we send follow-up emails to your leads; and we help you attract more clients through the content you produce.

Plus, when you help people recapture their health and energy for life, you’ll attract more clients through word of mouth.

In short, we give you a way to get results for clients, and we give you a platform to attract those clients. We offer ongoing support with access to our practitioner forum and extra coaching sessions to get you started. And this just leaves the final ambition to find and help people up to you.

Your Investment is RISK FREE

As you can see … this is not just another health coach course. Our coaches don’t rely just on lifestyle guidance – they have an entire assessment and remedy platform ready to assist and ready to make them stand out from all other coaches.

All this starts, however, with a RISK FREE investment in our training and trial.

As we said, you can earn while you learn, so you can cover the entire cost of this training AND MORE while you’re on our NES Health trial. (After your initial lifestyle coach training.)

When your trial is over, you’ll have an important decision to make, and one that can change your life and the lives of those around you: are you ready to continue forward with NES Health?

By then, you’ll have learned an unbelievable amount. You’ll have the hands-on experience to know the difference you can make in people’s health, energy, and outlook on life. You’ll have seen the sort of business support that only Energy4Life coaches receive.

If you’re ready to invest in NES Health and Energy4Life at that time, we’ll welcome you into an active and progressive community that is changing the way the world does health. We’ll give you the chance to do very well financially while working on your own schedule, 100% remote if you like, while helping people live better lives.

But if for any reason you decide that this isn’t the way forward for you, you can request 100% of your money back. We just ask that you give our training and trial an honest chance. This means:

• You complete the lifestyle coaching course.
• You receive your scanner, your own first coaching call, and Infoceuticals to go with your first scan.
• You complete our “BWS Foundation” course – this is also done online, and teaches you all about the NES Health system.
• If you then feel this isn’t right for you, you can request your money back in writing by the last day of your trial and we will refund 100% of it. You can even keep our proprietary scanner! (No need to worry about shipping something back.)

Remember, you can EARN MONEY while on our trial, and if you do so, that money is yours to keep as well.

We hope you’ll agree that we couldn’t make couldn’t make a fairer offer. We want you to learn from one of the most comprehensive health courses on the planet. We want you to experience bioenergetic technology and wellness solutions. We want you to know that there is a new and powerful way to do health.

And we want you as a coach, sharing this way with others and helping people to rediscover their energy and passion for life.

Get Started Today

We’ve done everything we can to make this a truly holistic experience, covering mind and body … environment and social matters … the energy system of the body … the business side of things … everything you need to run a successful and unique health coaching business.

All packaged here for one small investment of $695 US.

An amount you could potentially pay for with your first few bioenergetic clients during your 60-day NES Health trial. In fact, the amount you earn during this trial is completely in your hands.

We hope you’re ready to make this investment in your knowledge and experience, and that you’ll help us bring the world of bioenergetic health coaching to more people than ever, transforming lives and restoring people’s energy for life.

Your training and trial include:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • A history of and the latest views on bioenergetics.
  • Practical bioenergetics exercises.
  • 4 in-depth, science-based modules on healthy living (24 total lessons).
  • Lessons on business.
  • Critical documents for your business.
  • A 60-day trial with NES Health bioenergetic technology, involving even more lessons on bioenergetics and on how to use our technology with clients.
  • The ability to work with clients using this technology and wholesale access to NES Health remedies (Infoceuticals) as well as drop shipping services.

Click here to enroll, and begin your journey as an Energy4Life coach today!

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