Become the healthy, energetic person you were meant to be!

Welcome to the Energy4Life Course Curriculum.


The Energy4Life program is based upon the most radically inclusive comprehensive roadmap to building abundant energy for life in existence today.

It is based on over 20 years of research, 10s of thousands of consultations with clients and interviews with 100s of experts including many world-leading thought leaders in their fields.

The Energy4Life course was written by Niki Gratrix Dip ION NANP, an internationally recognized, award-winning functional health practitioner and transformation coach, helping people to optimize energy. In 2005 Niki co-founded one of the largest mind-body clinics in integrative medicine in Europe. The results with patients at the clinic were published as a preliminary study in 2012 in the British Medical Journal Open.

Whether you are unwell, or committed to having abundant levels of endless energy, we hope this program will be exceptionally supportive to you and your goals.

The Energy4Life program is divided into four main modules: The Body, Mind, Environment and Social Modules, each with 6 comprehensive lessons described below.

Module 1: The Body Module

  1. World class, science-backed dietary advice for supercharged energy

    In the first lesson in this module we teach you how to consider diet from a world-class science-backed energetic perspective.

    Are you confused about what constitutes a healthy diet? It would not be surprising given the public “Diet Wars” – there is no shortage of health experts out there with an alphabet soup of letters after their name promoting one particular type of dietary approach.

    But did you know that experts from across the board agree on 80% of what constitutes a healthy diet!?

    Relying on the work of unbiased world-leading experts like Dr David Katz, Director of Yale’s Prevention Research Center at Yale University School of Public Health, we will cut through the “diet dogma” in this lesson and show you want the science actually says is the best diet for optimum health.

    The “diet wars” distract from real facts where there is 80% consensus about dietary practices which are universally true for everyone! We then add a less understood twist in this lesson – food isn’t just about biochemical content – the photonic and energetic value also has a profound impact on your health.

    We will cover the research of theoretical physicist Fritz Albert Popp and his discoveries on the photonic value different foods. Our bodies are profoundly impacted by coherent light and eating a diet high in foods with high levels of biophotons significantly improve your health and energy levels. We will be sharing 4 steps to dietary change:

    1) How to cut out “fake” foods

    2) How to makeover your kitchen

    3) How to eat a “rainbow diet”

    4) How to eat simply

    This information is going to put you and your clients ahead of the pack in terms of creating endless energy!

  2. Personalizing Your Diet: The Key to Sustainable Energy and Health

    In this lesson we will move from universal dietary truths covered in Lesson 1, to methods of customizing your diet to optimize it for you and your client’s personal needs.

    “One man’s poison is another man’s medicine.”

    Vegan/vegetarian and other low fat, low protein diets work great for some of us, others of us need a different macronutrient ratio. In this lesson we teach you how to work out the exact macronutrient ratios that are ideal for YOU and your clients – rather than basing recommendations on some external so-called nutrition Guru who promotes a single dogmatic approach to diet.

    This lesson covers the crucial lesson on learning how to personalize your diet to manage your blood sugar.

    You might think you have this lesson covered, but we can say in our clinical experience, the vast majority of seasoned health-aware individuals have often lost track of this crucial strategy. The importance of this foundational lesson cannot be overstated – don’t assume you’ve already got this lesson covered. Eating a diet to manage blood sugar is MORE important that one that feeds your gut bacteria.

    Blood sugar imbalances are one of the top reasons people experience:

    Energy drops mid-morning and mid afternoon

    Energy up and down/rollercoaster during day

    Dependency on coffee and/or sugar for energy

    Feeling anxious, shaky, jittery, or tremulous

    Poor memory, forgetfulness, loss of concentration

    General fatigue

    Difficulty losing weight

    Migrating aches and pains


    And it is SO easy to eliminate ALL these symptoms with simple, easy to follow diet strategies that need to be personalized to your metabolism. So we’re going to give you 8 steps in this lesson to adjust your diet to regain high sustained energy levels throughout the day.

    Then we are going to list the signs and symptoms to look for so you can adjust your OWN dietary ratios of carbohydrates to protein to maximize energy.

    This is a LIFE changing lesson. We have lost count of the number of people who have reported feeling noticeably better, more balanced and energetic with this simple strategy within just a few days – and it is easy to implement! It is probably the most potent diet strategy you could implement for optimizing energy. Definitely NOT to be missed!

  3. Serious Help to Break Unhealthy Addictive Habits

    Giving up daily caffeine, alcohol, sugar and other unhelpful habits can feel daunting. Welcome to the subject of Lesson 3 in the Body Module.

    In this fun, science-backed lesson we are going to dig much deeper into the conflicting research behind caffeine and alcohol. You’re going to be ahead of the pack again on understanding research which should be widespread public knowledge, but as yet, is not. For example, did you know that the idea that moderate alcohol intake is better for you than zero intake has been completely debunked by mainstream science?

    But, in any case it’s all very well understanding intellectually that stopping something would be good for us, but how do we actually implement a diet or lifestyle CHANGE consistently?

    In this lesson we are going to:

    1. Summarize cutting-edge recent research on caffeine and alcohol consumption and the impact on health
    2. Share key insights into understanding what is driving an unhealthful habit so we can nip it in the bud
    3. Understand all addictive habits are helping us get into a particular state of being or feeling that can be achieved with a healthful rather than harmful practice or habit
    4. Learn over 20 strategies to break unhelpful habit food and drink habits

    We promise to provide you and your clients with the support you need all the way with changing your life – this Lesson is one more highly supportive step to optimum energy and health.

  4. Exercise and Pacing for Revolutionizing Your Energy Levels

    If the benefits of exercise could be encapsulated into a pill, it would be the greatest selling drug of all time.

    Nothing more potently stresses the body to create a healing response than exercise.

    Nothing will build your energy more than exercise, and nothing will hold you back more if you are fatigued and over-exercising (not pacing well). In this lesson 4 of the Body Module, you will learn the stunning impact of exercise on both body and brain health.

    A sedentary lifestyle is linked with dramatic reduced lifespan and increased risk of obesity, heart diseases, including coronary artery disease and heart attack, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, including colon, breast, and uterine cancers, osteoporosis and falls and increased feelings of depression and anxiety

    Did you know regular walking alone reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia by a staggering 60% in men!

    This is an absolutely vital lesson that cannot be missed if you want more energy and health.

  5. Strategies for Healing the Gut

    It’s time to address gut health in Lesson 4 of the Body Module!

    Ever since the National Institute for Health launched the Human Microbiome Project in 2007, four years after the Human Genome project finished, you can hardly pick up a world-leading science journal without reading at least one article about the gut and importance of the microbiota in health!

    It’s big news. Poor gut health is now clearly scientifically linked as a root cause of:

    1. All autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s, arthritis, MS and many more. Leaky gut is a core component of autoimmune diseases, which are now cumulatively the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA.
    2. Sleep disturbances. Sleep, according to many high-level science journals dramatically increases your risk of many major chronic illnesses
    3. Mental health problems including anxiety, depression and autism
    4. IBS and inflammatory bowel disorders
    5. Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
    6. High blood pressure, obesity and diabetes
    7. Skin health
    8. Hormone imbalances (sex hormones) and aging

    In this lesson we will look at what can go wrong with the gut, then we’ll guide you methodically through these important 10 steps to heal the gut:

    1/ Address psychology and stress

    3/ Eat a diet to manage blood sugar

    3/ Address sleep

    4/ Address toxins

    5/ Get sunlight

    6/ Get time in nature

    7/ Address exercise

    8/ Address food intolerances (Paleo Diet)

    9/ Consider if you need to go lectin-free as well (Paleo Autoimmune)

    10/ Consider if you need to address small intestinal bowel overgrowth (FODMAPs)

    This is a big important lesson, but we’ve got you covered.

    We are training you to help your clients become sophisticated health consumers, so that they will regain agency over their health and protect their own wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of the people they love. Enjoy this important lesson on the road back to supercharged energy and health.

  6. Advanced Diet Strategies for Amazing Energy: Fasting

    Fasting has been found in humans to:

    • Reduce cancer
    • Expand lifespan
    • Boost immunity
    • Regenerate organs
    • Reduce and heal autoimmune disease
    • Trigger production of insulin in type 1 diabetes
    • Reduce markers for heart disease and diabetes
    • Reduce side effects from chemotherapy
    • And much more…

    But some people should NOT fast, and we will cover that. And there are lots of different fasts out there. We will introduce you to shorter intermittent 12 hour fasting, all the way through to the 5 day fasting mimicking diet.

    There will be something for everyone, we promise we will give you all the information you need to safely incorporate regular fasting into you and your client’s health regime.

    Bringing this ancient healing tool into your medicine cabinet will round off a stellar journey to a long, healthy enjoyable life of abundant energy and health.

Module 2: The Environment Module

  1. Master Your Circadian Rhythm for Amazing Sleep and Energy

    Optimizing your circadian rhythm (biological clock) can literally change your life energy and health!

    The tools and actions points are wonderfully simple and easy to implement, they cost little and from a clinical perspective, this has been a major breakthrough in recent years. We can tell you that 1000s of people have improved their energy and health with the tools shared in this lesson. Make sure you get the lifestyle habits in this lesson under your belt and you will:

    Sleep better

    Have more energy

    Have a better mood

    Have a leaner body

    Have improved mental function

    World-class research by Harvard Medical School is showing that sleep and managing circadian rhythm is AS important for your health as your diet, exercise, exposure to pollution and all other major factors.

    The biological clock is more than a mere timekeeper; it controls when the major organ systems turn on and off during the course of the day. It is both clock and conductor.

    It is possible to obtain abundant energy and much more just by managing your exposure to:



    Food timing



    Learn these powerful life changing steps that are foundational to everything else you do! We have to be honest: it is not possible to have abundant energy without great, restorative sleep.Get ready to improve your sleep and energy levels now with the tools in this lesson.

  2. The Marvel of Water for Optimum Energy and Health

    You may think this lesson is about how much water to drink for health- there is SO MUCH more to water than we thought! Remember the majority of our bodies are made of water molecules and by and large, it has been overlooked by mainstream medicine.

    The idea that scientists understand everything about water and its role in biology is a myth!

    In this lesson we’ll be sharing the groundbreaking  work of the Professor of Bioengineering Gerald Pollack from the University of Washington. Dr Pollack is the founding Editor-in-Chief of leading science journal Water.

    There is a particular type of water called “structured” water – which profoundly improves circulation, flow and oxygenation in the body.

    So in this lesson we’ll cover:

    What structured water is and how to increase it in the body for supercharged health and energy

    Why and how to filter your water (chemicals are a major health risk and water is a major source)

    How much to drink daily for optimum health and energy

    We’ll also cover water memory

  3. Magnetism and Low Level Electromagnetic Frequency for Supercharged Energy

    Did you know your cells are 100 times more sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies than chemical signals like hormones and neuropeptides?

    One of the most thorough and conclusive studies done on this was a multi million dollar 4 year study by NASA published in 2003 on human neural cells.

    10hz pulsed electromagnetic frequency on human neural stem cells in vitro produced a four fold increased level of tissue regeneration after 17 to 21 days.This intervention caused more than 175 maturation genes to switch OFF and 150 developmental (anti-aging) genes switched ON.

    The implications for anti-aging, health, energy and longevity are staggering! In this lesson you will learn:

    1/ That healthful electromagnetic frequencies are all around us and that it would not be an exaggeration to say that earth’s frequencies are ESSENTIAL for human life and health

    2/ Spending time in nature and grounding is a profoundly health-giving antiinflammatory daily practice

    3/ There are also negative electromagnetic frequencies that are damaging to our health that we need to minimize

    4/ Pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy (PEMF) is at the forefront of regenerative medicine

    In this lesson we are truly moving beyond limited biochemical solutions for health.

    We are going to summarize over 5000 mainstream science papers on pubmed confirming that PEMF therapy is a profound tool for healing to optionally add to your medicine cabinet. This is an eye-opening lesson with TONS of free cost-effect solutions that is not to be missed.

    We invite you to learn all about this overlooked aspect of the “body electric” and bring yet another approach to maximizing you and your client’s health – it will support everything else you and they are doing!

  4. How and Why to Complete a Home Chemical Clean Up

    Now we turn to a rather important topic in the Environment Module: chemicals and their prevalence and impact on your health.

    A two-year study, involving five independent research laboratories in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands, found up to 232 toxic chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of 10 babies from racial and ethnic minority groups. 80 cause cancer in humans, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests.

    The European Chemicals agency estimates there are more than 144,000 man-made chemicals in existence. The US Department of Health estimates 2000 new chemicals are being released every year. The UN Environment Program warns most of these have never been screened for human health safety,”

    Snow at the top of Mount Everest is below standards for drinking water. Moreover, industrial pollution has been found at the deepest most remotest parts of the ocean (deeper than Mount Everest is high!).

    It is a rather sad state of affairs, but part of awakening and regaining our health has to involve addressing chemicals, making detoxification a way of life and eliminating as much exposure as possible from our environment.

    In this important lesson you will learn:

    The prevalence of the most common toxins

    How they create illness and disease

    Guide to detox basics

    How to eat supportive foods for detox

    Ongoing advanced detox strategies


    We then cover the 4 main areas to address for a home and work chemical clean up: What you put on your skin: Personal care products ( e.g. Phthalates). What you ingest food (e.g. chemicals from processing) agricultural, (e.g Round Up used on GMO food) and drugs/supplements

    Home and kitchen (e.g. Teflon, lead in water)

    Air – industrial/car pollution (e.g. mercury from coal burning) and much more.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day. This lesson will require taking steps over time to clean up you and your client’s environment, it is one of the most important steps to protect ourselves and our family’s health.

  5. You Run off the Sun! Light Strategies for Supercharged Energy

    Did you realize that you actually run off the sun?  This is no joke!

    This lesson will reinforce we just how much we are beings of light, dependent upon the sun for optimum biological function.

    Sunlight is not only converted into energy directly in your mitochondria, it is responsible for triggering vitamin D production, cholesterol sulphate and peptides which are precursors to major sex hormones, adrenal hormones, endorphins and much more.This is a mind-blowing lesson where we also summarize over 3000 mainstream papers on pubmed showing the profound healing impact of red light therapy.

    Energy medicine is the next frontier of medicine – and you will learn more about why in this lesson.

    We’re going to give you detailed advice on how to get the right amount of light – and don’t worry if you or your client’s live in a cloudy wet climate – we’ve got you covered with solutions for all!This is another wonderful set of tools for your medicine cabinet – you wont think about sunlight or light again in the same way.


  6. Hormesis for Abundant Energy and Health

    Now you’re going to learn about a cutting edge science-backed technique to reboot your mitochondria and overall health called HORMESIS.

    Hormesis is the process by which a mild or acute stressor promotes adaptations in the organism that increase the health, resilience, and vitality of the organism.

    Although you have probably never heard of the concept of hormesis, more and more scientific research now points to it as being one of the most important factors in human health and longevity.

    Humans need certain kinds of stressors in our lives to be healthy. And if we are lacking those stressors, we become weak, fragile, prone to disease, and fatigued!

    But we need and want the right amount of stress. There are MANY sources of hormesis  – we already covered one of the most potent: exercise.

    These are all forms of hormesis for the body discussed in this program:

    • Intermittent Fasting – covered in Lesson 6 of the Body Module
    • Sunlight exposure (UV) – covered in Lesson 5 of the Environment Module
    • Exercise – sprints, weight lifting – covered in Lesson 4 of the Body module
    • Psychological and social stress, covered in the Mind and Social Modules)
    • Xenobiotics – alcohol, caffeine, many drugs, nicotine (covered in Lesson 3 in the Body Module and Lesson 4 in the Environmental Module)
    • Homeopathy (Discussed in Lesson 2 on water in the Environment Module)
    • Vaccines (discussed in Lesson 2 one water in the Environmental Module)
    • Red and infra red light covered in Lesson 5 of the Environmental Module
    • Environmental toxins (even heavy metals) -discussed in Lesson 4 in the Environment Module
    • Getting sick – more in the case for children (think about the hygiene hypothesis, the need for bacteria in the environment and Lesson 5 in the Body Module on Gut Healing)

    In this final lesson we are going to expand on three final primary areas to implement powerful hormetic strategies for health:

    1/ Using cold and heat therapy (this includes some of my FAVOURITE activities: sauna and spa therapy!)

    2/ A VERY simple technique to create oxygen deprivation which triggers improved mitochondrial function

    3/ Phytochemical hormesis.

    You are going to learn completely cutting edge data showing that supplementing antioxidants DOESN’T work! It turns out it’s the TOXINS in phytochemicals in plants that cause us increase our endogenous antioxidants in the body and to heal – via hormesis.In fact, research is showing that taking external antioxidant supplements may weaken your endogenous levels of antioxidant production!

    Yes really – you’ll be amazed and inspired by this lesson, and once again you will be at the forefront of health and nutritional scientific knowledge currently available today.

Module 3: The Mind Module

  1. Leverage your Mindset for Supercharged Energy!Does mindset matter? You betcha!It would not be an exaggeration to state that the mind and the body are truly one thing. You’ll be astounded by the 1000s of research papers on the power of visualization, expectation and the placebo effect to effect biology shared in this lesson! Furthermore, we will summarize over 30 years of research in the science of psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics and quantum physics proving the undeniable bidirectional relationship between your mind and body.Your journey to wellness is as much about moving to a positive mental and emotional state of being as it is a physical journey. Did you know that mainstream researchers have found that just ONE session of meditation changes gene expression related to immunity, mitochondrial function, insulin secretion, inflammation and stress?Your cells and genes are literally listening to you and responding to your psycho-emotional state on a second by second and minute by minute basis.The quick win from this lesson is to begin a positive uplifting daily visualization and meditation for your health we is provided as an audio download.
  2. Getting into the Healing Flow State for Supercharged Energy

    This is a very important lesson where we dig into how to create an optimum mindset.
    Often conscious intentions we covered in lesson 1 in the Mind module are just the tip of the iceberg.In order to manifest health and in fact anything including money, career and relationships, energetic alignment is needed between your body, psyche and the heart/soul – this is the HEALING STATE, you can also call it the FLOW state.In this lesson we will cover the 7 ways people get out of alignment and block their journey to optimum health and energy.
    When you master the exercises in this lesson you will:

    • You will feel much more efficient
    • You will be less tired
    • You’ll be physically more vibrant
    • Mentally more alert
    • Have less constant internal mental chatter
    • You’ll have peace which is felt
    • No longer feeling like you are chasing all over trying to keep things together.
    • Experience an increase synchronisity in your life
    • Experience directly the “law of attraction” and the ability to more easily manifest what you are focusing on
    • Have less struggle or efforting for goals
    • Experience life as easier, lighter and more peaceful

    We will be guiding you through important journaling exercises for you and your client’s covering:1/ Readiness and commitment to obtaining optimum health2/ What you can learning from a health issue, especially if you have a chronic illness

    3/ How health symptoms can be messengers about life, psychology, social circumstances and alignment with our heart and life purpose

    This lesson can contain crucial information about psycho-emotional aspects which are sabotaging your success…not to be missed!

  3. The Stunning Impact of Stimulating the Vagus Nerve for Health

    This is a dynamite lesson! What you will learn really starts to drive home the understanding – you cannot reach optimum energy when you are in a state of stress.

    It’s simple.  Are you in a stress state – or a real healing state?

    The vagus nerve is the rest, digest, detoxify calming, healing “nerve of compassion.” It is the opposite of the sympathetic fight-flight response.

    When we have a high vagal tone, we emotionally feel good, and our body is in a healing state of wellbeing. When we activate the vagus nerve – healing can begin.

    Stunning research studies are confirming that electrically stimulating the vagus nerve:

    • Cures autoimmune disease
    • Has significantly reduced and cured fibromyalgia (first time ever that a therapeutic intervention has cured this condition)
    • Stimulates gut healing, reduces intestinal permeability
    • Reduces and cures depression
    • Increases lifespan
    • And much more…

    In this lesson we share over 35 science-backed ways to increase vagal tone – it’s a fun packed actionable lesson!

    For all of us, regular vagus nerve stimulation needs to become a way of life and an ongoing lifestyle practice that is going to be essential for healing. We are going to to help you create your Miracle Morning – a lifestyle practice that will change you and your clients forever!

  4. Brain Retraining Tools for Supercharged Your Energy

    You and your clients are going to come to love and appreciate this lesson.We’re going to teach you a brief psychotherapy tool from Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP) to start to calm and rebalance your nervous system.

    Stress can cause the brain to become neurologically programmed to over-react to emotional stress, chemicals, electromagnetic frequencies, foods and even your own symptoms.

    This lesson is going to get you to really start looking at your regular thoughts and states of being.  You’re going to be challenged to be honest with yourself: are your thoughts and feelings life affirming, or are they usually negative and stress enhancing?

    After keeping a diary identifying your regular negative patterns, we’ll share with you the 6 step NLP “Stop” process to break these thoughts and accompanying neural pathways for good.

    The GREAT news is: research in neuroplasticity means the brain can be changed – we can rewire our brains to support health, balance and optimized energy.

  5. Tools to Optimize and Heal Trapped Emotions

    .We’re going to focus this time on optimizing your emotions for health. We are living in the dark ages when it comes to understanding and dealing with emotions. Emotions are extremely important. They are often trapped in our body, and have an important message for us.

    There are huge cultural misperceptions about emotions, like feeling or expressing emotions are weakness, will lead to self-indulgence or “navel-gazing,” or that if we feel emotions, we’ll never come out again.

    Sometimes, to heal and release trapped emotions, we just need to dive in and stop avoiding an emotion or treating it like the enemy.

    In this vital lesson you will learn:

    • If you have suffered from the epidemic of emotional neglect
    • 5 Steps to reconnect and start feeling your emotions again
    • How to connect and release trapped anxiety and stuck emotions with the Soften and Flow technique

    A key point from this lesson, whether you are trying to reach health, financial abundance or loving relations:

    Nothing is more important than feeling good!

    This is the first lesson to guide you to emotional mastery – a crucial component of health mastery.

  6. Building Emotional Intelligence to Free up Energy for Life!

    You are going to learn a tool kit to deal with emotions.

    Releasing a stuck emotion or trauma allows energetic flow again and creates a feeling of connection, of being “whole.” We call this integration.

    You could call these unresolved emotions “golden eggs” as they are gifts and hold great energy within them.

    Once released they reduce stress, enhance the healing state, dissolve distortions in the energy field negatively impacting the brain and the body, and, they free up energy for life.

    Identifying and knowing what your emotions are is critical if we are to set clear intentions and actually attract what we want into our life – like health.

    Emotions are messengers. All emotions are true. All emotions tell the absolute truth, either about the specific situation that brought the emotion into play, or about some area of the psyche.

    While emotions are true – this doesn’t mean that all emotions are right or that you should base all your actions and intentions on them!

    In this truly important lesson, we help you understand the meaning and implications of five key emotions:

    • Anger (and rage and resentment),
    • Fear (and anxiety),
    • Shame (and guilt),
    • Depression (and apathy)
    • Sadness (and despair & grief)

    We will guide you to clear practical steps to help release these emotions when they become stuck, repressed or chronic. Once again – this lesson may just change your life FOREVER. This is not an exaggeration. You and your clients are going to become an uncommon people with uncommonly great results in your lives!

Module 4: The Social Module

  1. The Profound Impact of Social Relations on Your Health

    Did you know huge mainstream studies of over 300,000 people show social support is a stronger predictor of survival than physical activity, body mass index, hypertension, air pollution, alcohol consumption, and even smoking fifteen cigarettes a day!

    One of the most robust findings of over 30 years of research in the science of psychoneuroimmunology is a strong correlation between healthy close personal relationships and immune function…

    Energetically we are all connected. The energetic fields of other people have a profound impact on our health! We simply cannot ignore that fact that health, like happiness is a collective phenomenon. Social relations is one of the most downplayed and ignored factors when it comes to health.

    In this lesson we are going to help you:

    • Take a look at the quality of relations with people at work, home and socially
    • Help identify if there issues around boundaries, assertiveness and people pleasing
    • Improve communication, especially in conflictual relations
    • Understand the science behind social media usage and screen time, which shows they promote isolation and loneliness
    • Guidance on completing a media clean up
    • And more!
  2. Early Life Stress: THE most underexposed risk factor for health There’s a toxic exposure that is so potent, that a moderate exposure results in a 20 year reduction in lifespan.
    Huge mainstream studies show that a high level of exposure to this toxin leads to a dramatic increased risk of 7 out of the top 10 causes of death. The same studies show that at least 67% of adults have been exposed.Exposure to this toxin also leads to a 6-fold increased risk of developing chronic fatigue in adulthood. This toxin is not a chemical, or food, or leading a sedentary lifestyle.It’s exposure to early life stress. Welcome to Lesson 2 in the Social Module.In this vital lesson you are going to learn about how childhood trauma changes your biology, beliefs and behaviour resulting in health issues.Studies confirm the vast majority of childhood trauma arises from problems in our attachment relationships – that is the relationship with key caregivers, primarily our parents.In this lesson you will:

    • Learn how early life stress affects biology, behavior and beliefs leading to health issues
    • Start to access if adverse childhood events may have impacted your health
    • Identify if you need to work with a licensed health professional to help address early life stress
    • Learn how the majority of early life stress does NOT qualify for a diagnosis of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    • Help to recognize if you do have PTSD and how toxin the right licensed mental health care professional

    This lesson is the first taking a deep dive into our psychology and major social factors which shape both our identity and health.

    Most health approaches downplay and ignore this crucial aspect completely, so we invite you and your clients to start this journey of self exploration and optimum energy.

  3. Building Self Awareness with the Enneagram

    In this profound lesson, we will expand and deepen our self-understanding by studying the Enneagram System.

    The Enneagram is a system of 9 personality types. When you start to study this system – it will change and enhance your perception of both yourself and other people.

    By becoming more self aware

    • You will feel much more efficient
    • You will be less tired
    • You’ll be physically more vibrant
    • Mentally more alert
    • Less constant internal mental chatter
    • You’ll feel peace which is felt
    • No longer feeling like you are chasing all over trying to keep things together.
    • Synchronisity starts become more powerful – aspects not conflicting with each other and causing struggling any more!
    • The “law of attraction” and the ability to manifest what you are focusing on increases
    • You don’t have to work at things as much anymore.
    • Less struggle or efforting for goals.You set your decisions and intentions and they start to happen!
    • Things get easier, lighter and much more peaceful.

    Enjoy this eye opening lesson. You wont look at your life the same way again!

  4. Cultivating Self Acceptance

    Welcome back to the Social Module Lesson 4.

    Steps to cultivating self acceptance includes:

    1/ Cultivate awareness of our different parts and traits

    2/ Find out their purpose

    3/ Accepting them

    4/ Cultivate a safe space inside

    5/ Consider a spiritual perspective

    We are going to start the profound process of radical self-acceptance of all parts of ourselves – a key ingredient which allows for healing.

    The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change. Carl Rogers

  5. Learning Self Love 

    This week we will address the need for self love for health and wellness.

    Unlike most courses in health, ours recognizes that love IS medicine, and a mixture of both science AND a big dose of love and spirituality is often the best order of the day for health.

    The benefits of increasing self love include:

    • MORE energy
    • Expansive, spaciousness and lightness of being – joy!
    • Needing less sleep
    • You’re not struggling in the brain so much trying to figure things out
    • You FEEL more as you are less in the mind which leads to empty feelings.
    • Synchonization of spirit, knowing and access to creative solutions
    • Clarity of mind. You become smarter – your mind is clearer – less energy to process the information.

    In this lesson we will take you through the steps to build self-love abundance including:

    1. Listen to the guided self-love meditation
    2. Practice the daily self-love affirmation
    3. Retrain the brain for self-love
    4. Address issues with sex and self-love
    5. Tips for seeking psychotherapy with licensed health professionals.

    I am not aware of any other factor in medicine that has a greater impact on our survival than the healing power of love and intimacy. Not diet, not smoking, not exercise, not stress, not genetics, not drugs, not surgery.”

    New York Times world-renowned physician Dean Ornish, M.D.,

  6. The Profound Impact of Culture and Mass Consciousness on Your Health

    In this fascinating lesson in the Social Module, you will learn about one of the most downplayed and ignored areas impacting you and your client’s health: the area of developmental and evolutionary psychology.

    Did you know that ALL children develop through the same 7-8 core stages of psychological awareness  before stopping at a particular level?

    Whole groups of communities including countries often stop development at a particular level!

    Groups at each level are holding a particular value system, a set of beliefs that assumes “this is the way life is” – not realizing many assumptions taken as “real” are simply belief systems chosen collectively.

    You may have taken on certain beliefs and values, and rejected others unconsciously, some of these “hidden maps” can be impacting your wellness and energy levels.

    In this lesson we will be looking at a particular model called Spiral Dynamics, based on the research of Dr Clare Graves. This model has been tested in more than fifty thousand people from around the world,

    Understanding the model wont only change your whole perspective on the world, it will uncover often unconscious sabotaging beliefs holding you back from health and vitality.

    A grasp of Spiral Dynamics, a long side the Enneagram is going to change your world and level of awareness forever.

    We hope by now you have realized this really is totally a life changing program!