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The FUTURE of Immune Support is Here

Immune Support Pack

Good nutrition and supplements may be a great way to support your immune system. But there is a simple and deeper solution that cannot be ignored.

Our specially chosen combination of Infoceuticals is exactly what your clients are looking for right now. Immune Support Pack supports the activity of your immune system efficiently and accurately, ensuring you get a lot more with far less.

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What are Infoceuticals

NES Health Infoceuticals are designed to support the body-field in directing efficient and accurate activity of the body. In this way, we support the body’s immune system. Our 70+ Infoceuticals are ONLY following a wellness scan with our practitioners. 

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While supplies last, you can get this pack of 4 infoceuticals for just $97 USD (regularly $120) — a savings of $23

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We join essential businesses around the world to keep our warehouses on 3 continents (US, UK and Australia) OPEN to serve you. We have taken great precaution to send the rest of our office staff to work remotely, and are practicing social distancing with our limited warehouse teams.

Unlike other businesses who have seen shipping delays, we continue to ship on schedule, and meet the increasing demand we’ve seen in our business. You can count on us to get your order out in a timeline manner.

Plus, your purchases support a global team of hard-working NES employees in uncertain times when layoffs and unemployment are on the rise.

What’s included

The Immune Support Pack of Infoceuticals includes 4 Infoceuticals designed to support immune systems, each in a 1.01 fl oz (30 ml) bottle with dropper. At the recommended dosage, these last for about 1 month. The included infoceuticals are: ED3 (Cell Driver) & ED13 (Immunity Driver), ET2 (Immunity 2) and ES1 (Lymph / Radiation Star).

  • ED3 (Cell Driver): The body’s “Energetic Drivers” power the overall body-field, and our Infoceuticals are designed to support them. ED3 supports all the cells in the body, including the immune cells.
  • ED13 (Immunity Driver): ED13 supports maturation of all immune cells as well the mature innate immune system. When put together, you support the very life of your immune cells.
  • ET2 (Immunity 2): The body’s “Energetic Terrains” are fields associated with your body’s natural immune response. Our testing has shown ET2 is best matched to current needs.
  • ES1 (Lymph / Radiation Star): “Energetic Stars” target specific goals. ES1 is designed to support not only the body’s lymphatic system and its immune response, but also to help protect against e-smog, or EMFs. Certain EMFs may or may not have a role in current world health problems.