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Infoceuticals – The Breakthrough Solution to Restoring Health & Wellness

The Simple but Overlooked Health Solution

When you look in the mirror, you see a body that looks very physical. Very solid. Something that looks like bits and pieces put together. And when looking for health solutions, these “bits and pieces” are usually what medicine and nutrition deal with. They offer solutions based in chemistry.

But when you look deeper, we’re completely made of energy. The movement of this energy is what determines how everything in the body comes together and how everything works. It is the foundation of chemistry. If there are problems in the flow of energy, then chemistry breaks down and we become sick and tired.

Worse than that, if you only provide a chemical solution to an energy problem, you’ll only get a temporary solution at best. The proper flow of energy must be restored if you want an answer that lasts.

This is why the science of bioenergetics is about detecting and correcting energy in living systems. Getting down to the root cause of feeling exhausted and unwell and providing deeper, more profound answers.

Now, you’re probably aware that electronic devices produce electromagnetic fields, and that these fields can have an effect on our bodies. This is why many people are concerned about excessive cell phone use, and it’s the basis of how an MRI machine works. Fields literally alter the flow of energy.

Well any time you have a movement of energy, you have an energy field as well, which means that human beings generate their own field, which we call the human body-field. This field not only holds information about all the energy in the body; it is also a means for communication between all the energy in the body, as well as with our larger environment.

As a result, the body-field as a control system for the energy that drives all the activity of the body. So while the body has other control systems — like the nervous system and the endocrine system — the body-field ultimately drives all of these, making it the master control system. Support this, and you support everything about your body’s health, wellness, and vitality!

Now, the idea that a “field” controls energy might be new to you. But it’s not new, and it’s not “new age.” In the world of physics, it’s well known. In fact, famed scientist Albert Einstein said it best when he said:

“The field is the sole governing agency of the particle [matter or material].”


It probably makes intuitive sense to you as well. The body has to coordinate trillions of cells in order to act as a single unit, but we’re told that this can take place with a nervous system made of billions of cells that have to fire one after another to communicate. Yes, the nervous system has a role, but it is not fast enough to explain the speed and precision of someone landing a triple axel in figure skating.

This is why Nobel prize winner Albert Szent-Gyorgyi told us that “Life is too rapid and subtle to be explained by slow moving chemical reactions and nerve impulses.” He knew there was something more. That something is a body-field that has every cell communicating with every other cell in real time, all the time.

It does this through resonance. This takes us back to an MRI — which stands for magnetic resonance imaging. Through a field and using resonance, the MRI is able to line up all the protons (energy particles) of hydrogen in the body. That field communicates instantly with all of them at the same time … through resonance. The body uses the same idea for everything to communicate at once through its body-field.

When the body-field is functioning properly, it’s able to provide the correct information to all the body’s cells at one time, keeping everything functioning together. But when it’s not, you can start to lose energy and health as cell functions are disrupted. Bioenergetics works by using resonance to restore your body-field and energy flow, supporting your optimal health and wellness.

Supporting the Root Cause of Good Health

So you could just focus on supporting your body’s chemistry with better diet (still important!) or supplements. Or you could try suppressing systems with medical drugs (that are likely to create other problems). By why stick with chemistry when you can get to the root cause of good health and support deeper, longer-lasting solutions?

Restore the body-field and you’re restoring the underlying control system of everything. Of your organs and systems right down to your cells and DNA. This control system runs on resonant communication, which can get distorted by toxins, pathogens, and even emotional stress and traumas. These need to be resolved and communication restored, and this is done by bringing the correct resonance (or what we call “information”) back into the body-field.

How is that possible? Through the miracle of Infoceuticals:

Following decades of research, we discovered a solution that is incredibly simple for you to use and benefit from! Because of the way water structures itself in the body (becoming something like a gel), it can literally take shape under the influence of information or resonance, becoming the carrier of information for the rest of your body!

In fact, DNA itself is surrounded by water and changes based on the structure of water. Same with proteins in the cell, which then physically drive the actions of the body. Water is that powerful. That profound.

If resonance of the body-field is disrupted, then the structured water in the body is altered and everything starts to go haywire. So to improve health and vitality, you need to restore correct resonance within that field.

And here’s the light bulb moment: since structured water is able to carry information or resonance like this, we can use structured water to carry corrective resonance into the body-field. When we provide a strong, stable “signal” to the body — stronger than the distorted signal it shouldn’t be listening to — then we can get the body to start taking corrective, healing measures.

So that’s exactly what we do. With our proprietary Infoceuticals, we’re able to imprint structured water using a high-powered electric charge and modulated photons. These introduce a precise resonant pattern affecting targeted aspects of the human body-field. And with just a few drops a day taken in a glass of water, you can begin to restore correct messaging throughout the body and supporting the body’s incredible ability to heal.

Infoceuticals – Grounded in Scientific Research

As you probably know, we’re usually taught that
water has at least three phases:

Solid (ice)

Liquid (bulk water)

Vapor (steam)

But scientists have discovered a fourth phase – EZ water – water whose molecules have bound together in such a way that the water takes on a gel-like quality. In fact, this has been shown by numbers of scientists over the last 100 years, but it has been convincingly shown in recent years — with video documentation of its unique properties — by Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington.

Many scientists have also demonstrated that this form of water responds to incoming information. For instance, a Japanese researcher named Dr. Masaru Emoto noted that water could be imprinted with words and sounds. When imprinted with positive information, the water created beautiful crystalline structures, while negative information would deform these structures.

But Dr. Emoto was far from the first or only scientist to show evidence of water’s remarkable ability to store and transfer information. And while conventional science continues to resist the evidence, it’s been unable to stop more and more researchers from coming to similar conclusions!

A Shocking Discovery Scorned by Mainstream Medicine!

One such researcher was Jacques Benveniste, a French immunologist. Dr. Benveniste was a highly-respected researcher with more than 300 published scientific articles related to the study of molecular biology.

Initially a skeptic about the idea of water carrying information, research carried out in his lab eventually showed him that this was possible. His team diluted human antibodies to the point of no original substance being left in the water, and yet the water could still have a biological effect, as if the substance were still there!

White blood cells literally reacted to the diluted water as if the antibodies were still present in the water.

After years of testing, he submitted his stunning results to Nature magazine. But Nature refused to publish. The editor said, “Our minds were not so much closed as unready to change our whole view of how science is constructed.”

Nobel-Prize Winning Doctor Proves DNA Transfer by Water

Dr. Benveniste’s research sparked great curiosity among other scientists. One of them was the Nobel Laureate Professor, Dr. Luc Montagnier, a French virologist and winner of the Pulitzer prize in 2008 for his discovery of the HIV virus.

Using Dr. Benveniste’s work as a foundation, Dr. Montagnier proved that information could be imprinted and transmitted through water by studying the behavior of DNA in water. In Montagnier’s experiments, he diluted a sliver of HIV DNA in water until nothing of the DNA was left in the water except the DNA’s informational imprint. This imprint was then transmitted into another sample of water electronically. Montagnier was able to recreate the HIV DNA from the information contained in the new water sample.

Montagnier had proven that genetic information could also be stored in water and transmitted as well. Water indeed had memory.

Despite his Nobel prize and stellar reputation, Dr. Montagnier’s conclusions were scorned by mainstream science, which would be (and should have been) shaken by his results. One leading chemist said, “If the results are correct, these would be the most significant experiments performed in the past 90 years, demanding re-evaluation of the whole conceptual framework of modern chemistry.”

The Power of EZ Water for Optimal Health

As mainstream medicine continues to suppress the amazing properties of water to store and transmit information, Dr. Gerald Pollack, University of Washington professor of bioengineering, is advancing his profound discovery of structured water, or what he calls EZ water. Water is essential to every function of the cell. Water carries life-giving molecules, such as proteins and DNA. But the water in our cells is not like H2O water in a glass. Instead, your cells contain this very different fourth phase of water. Different how, you may wonder?

Dr. Pollack discovered that EZ water has a completely different molecular formula than regular bulk water. EZ water’s molecular formula is H3O2. In other words, a single molecule of water has one form; but in relationship with other molecules, it forms a honeycomb structure with a different molecular pattern. It’s a completely new phase of water.

Dr. Pollack calls this fourth phase of water “EZ” or “Exclusion Zone” water due to the way it pushes out, or “excludes” all other substances (effectively purifying itself). This EZ water appears abundantly inside your cells.

Pollack’s early experiments showed that, when water is placed next to water-loving substances (such as certain minerals or your cell membranes), it begins to structure itself and takes on one charge, while the bulk water (that has not yet structured) takes on an opposite charge. By separating charges like this, the process effectively creates a battery throughout your entire body. A battery that can charge your energy levels!

Further experimentation concluded that, when shining light onto the EZ water, the structure expanded, further building that battery. Dr. Pollack also discovered that infrared light (aka “heat”) was most effective at expanding EZ water in your body. His experiments showed that structured water transforms light and heat into energy in your body. This process can provide the energy for the trillions of cellular functions that occur every day in your body.

This light-into-energy transformation is just one amazing property of EZ water. The other is its structure and memory.

Since EZ water is structured, it can receive, hold, and transmit information as we’ve discussed. This makes it the perfect tool for transmitting corrective information to your body-field; and as its information is restored, it can go back to guiding your body the way it’s meant to.

The implications of this research into how water forms itself into structures is mind-boggling. It may lead to clean water supplies for the world, for one thing. And from our own work in restoring the human body-field, we believe it will lead us into the future of medicine as well.

Of course mainstream science and medicine have refused to accept these implications. But to bioenergetics pioneers, this explains what we really see in human health.

The Breakthrough “Matching” Experiments
that Finally Solved the Healing Problem

Many researchers and scientists have built upon the pioneering work in water science of Emoto, Benveniste, Montagnier, and Pollack, including bioenergetics researchers Professor Peter Fraser and Harry Massey.

Fraser and Massey focused their research on resetting and restoring healthy human body-fields with correct information. Fraser spent decades mapping out how the body-field functions, how information flows through it, how it is powered, and so on. Massey then brought this knowledge into the modern age by automating body-field assessments with computer technology. And together, they developed what are now known as Infoceuticals.

Fraser’s mapping process involved “matching” experiments with electronic equipment that recorded resonance between test items. He tested for these matches between different parts of the body to see what communicated with what. He also tested between parts of the body and other things like nutrients, toxins, and more.

Information is the foundation of every physical structure, whether an atom, a molecule, or human cells. Every structure is always sending this information out into the world at the same time it is receiving information from everything else. You might say everything has a unique “energy signature” picked up by anything else that resonates with that signature. These “matching” tests were based on the premise that the information that creates one thing can communicate with the information that creates another. While everything does interact with the information of everything else, certain things are in “resonance,” meaning that they have a strong, clear method of communication. In the human body, this creates optimal pathways for information to flow, similar to what traditional Chinese medicine referred to as meridians. And when everything in a system is speaking correctly, we say that it has coherence.

Healthy cells are coherent, and send out stronger communication signals than unhealthy cells, which have lost some of their coherence. The power of their signals can help to restore coherence in unhealthy cells, creating a healing process within the body-field. And of course this leads to a physical recovery as well.

Unfortunately, if coherence breaks down in too many cells — due to toxins, pathogens, stress, or trauma — the collective decoherence creates a stronger signal than that of healthy cells. And so they begin a disease process within the body-field, where healthy cells are pulled into decoherence and illness.

This is why coherence is so important in the human body. If cells stop communicating properly, disease follows. This is why our technology tests whether the body resonates with information it is supposed to resonate with. We are testing for coherence.

Our technology does this by creating its own electromagnetic field to compare against the field generated by the human body. When the two fields come together, we can test for resonance between them. Within the scan’s generated field, we represent all of our test items with propriety codes, determined by Professor Fraser’s research. We test these many times against the body-field to see where a match occurs. It’s like testing a lock against a key, and checking many times to make sure they’re a good fit.

In this way, we’re able to determine how the body-field is responding to the fields of the earth or various environmental factors; whether it’s recognizing or processing certain nutrients correctly; and especially where it needs information to restore coherence.

That is the role of Infoceuticals.


How do you transmit new and correct information into the body-field to restore coherence, supporting better health and energy levels?

Following the breakthrough research in structured water science, water memory, and the properties of resonance within the body, Fraser and Massey knew this advanced research held the key to restoring accurate information within the body-field.

Structured water was shown to receive, store, and transmit information. And by holding a strong, coherent signal — like healthy cells do — structured water can use the principle of resonance to influence the fields of unhealthy cells and bring those fields back into coherence.

This is what Infoceuticals are designed for, and why they have produced such remarkable results in thousands upon thousands of people.

There are two keys here. First, Infoceuticals have to carry the right information to correct specific aspects of the body-field. Proprietary algorithms were developed by Fraser’s matching techniques to represent corrective information through code, and this is imprinted into Infoceuticals using modulated photons.

Second, Infoceuticals must carry a strong, stable signal. This is done by imprinting them under a 10,000 volt electrostatic field.

In this way, again, Infoceuticals act like the information of healthy cells, using the principle of resonance to bring unhealthy cells back into alignment, back into coherence with the rest of the system, supporting the body’s natural ability to heal and be energized.

Infoceuticals Improve Coherence in your Body-Field

The Future of Wellness is Here!

Fraser and Massey spent years intensely researching the information needed to restore every nook and cranny of the human body-field.

Infoceuticals are imprinted with information to help restore coherence where it’s needed. They use resonance – the ability for a strong signal to bring a similar signal into alignment with it – to restore integrity to the body-field and support the body’s ability to correct itself.

Over time, they tested hundreds of Infoceuticals and selected only those that play critical roles in correcting the human body-field.

Because resonance works “non-locally,” the information distributed by an Infoceutical is picked up by field receptors in cells throughout the body.

But since each type of cell has unique field receptors, each responds best to specific types of information. So each Infoceutical communicates with and seeks to restore the coherence of specific aspects of the body-field, supporting the health and healing of different areas of the body.

While health corrections are sometimes uncomfortable as we release buried conditions and toxins that have been stored in the body, the Infoceuticals themselves have proven exceptionally safe over the years. And they’re easy to take. You simply add drops to a glass of water and drink the water. They have a slightly salty taste (diluted by the water), due to the minerals that are used to structure the water so it can hold information.

With Infoceuticals, you can:

Activate your body’s own healing system on a cellular and energetic level

Enhance the strength of your body’s energy

Regulate the accurate flow of information your cells need to function

Restore your body’s energy flow to a more optimal state

Enjoy boundless energy and improved health

Numerous clinical trials and studies have been carried out on Infoceuticals. The results are stunning. Here are just a few:

96.5% of people using infoceuticals saw improved health!

Impressive Study Shows Infoceuticals Work

In a study conducted at the Centre for Biofield Sciences in India, under the supervision of Dr. Thornton Streeter, researchers gathered 240 participants with a wide range of health concerns. The most prevalent issues were related to stress, energy levels, along with body and muscle soreness.

Participants were broken in to three groups:

Group 1

200 in the active group to receive Infoceuticals with imprinted information

Group 2

20 in a control group who received placebo Infoceuticals with no imprinted information

Group 3

20 in a control group who received NO treatment

The study was conducted over three months.

From the 200 test subjects taking imprinted Infoceuticals, an overwhelming 96.5% of people reported a positive change in their condition. Subjects reported a reduction in the severity of symptoms, reduced pain, and more energy.

35% of those in the placebo group also reported a positive change, demonstrating the power of the placebo effect. But this was far short of the numbers who saw change from imprinted Infoceuticals.

Infoceuticals Shown to Reduce Stress in Military Family Members

A stress study carried out by Desiree Del Monte on 54 subjects with immediate family members serving on active duty in the military, and under the supervision of renowned energy medicine researcher, Dr. Norman Shealy, at Holos University, USA, showed reduced self-reported stress measures and depression scores of the individuals that simultaneously followed a unique Infoceutical protocol.

Study Shows Infoceuticals Improve Arterial Pressure

In a recent study undertaken as a master’s degree research project under the supervision of Professor Anna van Wersch for the University of Teesside, Infoceuticals were shown to have a positive physiological effect on arterial pressure readings, which measures blood flow, resistance, and pressure with the arteries, and is an important indicator of cardiovascular health.

A 164.4% Improvement in Reducing Pain and Fatigue!

We asked Infoceutical users to report on overall Wellness Scores (WS) and Symptom Severity (SS) before and after Infoceutical use.

For the 264 participants with 2 or more visits who had a WS < 4 at their first visit, the mean WS was 2.21 at Visit 1 and 4.48 at Visit 2, a 102.7% increase in overall wellness!

Their mean SS was 7.15 at Visit 1 and 6.41 at Visit 2, a 10.3% decrease in symptom severity. Both differences were highly statistically significant.

While more targeted groups were smaller, we also looked at those with specific complaints.


Pain Data

For those reporting on pain symptoms with 3 or more visits and Wellness Score < 4 (14 participants), there was a 91.6% increase in Wellness Score and a 6.2% decrease in Symptom Severity.

For those with 3 or more visits and Symptom Severity > 7 (58 participants), there was a 21.6% increase in Wellness Score and a 14.1% decrease in Symptom Severity.


Fatigue Data

For those reporting on fatigue with 2 or more visits and Wellness Score < 4 (24 participants), there was a 164.4% increase in Wellness Score and a 10.8% decrease in Symptom Severity.

For those with 2 or more visits and Symptom Severity > 7 (59 participants), there was a 12% increase in Wellness Score and a 18% decrease in Symptom Severity.


While this data was self-reported and not collected with a research study in mind, and outside variables were not taken into account, the data provides strong evidence as to the wellness benefits experienced by significant numbers of Infoceutical users, especially those with the greatest need.

Pain Gone. Sleeping Better.

I finally ordered my Infoceuticals and tried them. Within a few days, I was sleeping really well and feeling better emotionally. I felt like I had better brain clarity. My pain after three weeks was gone. Completely gone. Before, I was not able to exercise. I had a lot of very noticeable improvements that kept me wanting more.

W. Myers

Energy Levels Up!

“Since I started Infoceuticals, my energy levels have gone up. There’s no doubt about it.”

C. Deppe

Skin health improved after 7 Days.

“It was a skin issue on an 18 month old. My baby came home from the hospital, and ever since his first bath at the hospital, he had skin issues. Nothing was helping … until I started applying Infoceuticals topically to his skin. After just 7 days, his skin health improved. That was near and dear to my heart because it was my son.”