miHealth Device - PEMF, TENS, and SCENAR therapy all in one


93% of Users Agree:
miHealth = Real Health Benefits … Really Fast!

When it comes to get rid of health issues, results are the bottom line. Fast results are even better. That’s why you’ll love to know about miHealth, where 88% of participants in a large Outcome Study saw improvement across a variety of complaints after just one session. That numbered bumped to 93% among those treated a second time.In short, 93% saw real benefits … really fast!

So what is miHealth and how can it achieve these fantastic results?

miHealth is a handheld bioelectric and body-field device, combining (and improving on) a number of established technologies with our one-of-a-kind information-based technology. It was developed to complement our Infoceutical remedies, which are powerful when it comes to correcting the body’s information. But they don’t tackle major physical blocks in the body’s flow of energy and information as quickly as the miHealth can. We wanted to create a tool to provide people with immediate improvements, paving a smoother way for the Infoceuticals’ deeper work.

The result was the NES miHealth.

It would be easy to say that miHealth is a kind of PEMF, TENS, and SCENAR therapy all in one, which we call Pulsed Magnetic Feedback. But that would sell it way too short. Because while it does use these basic technologies, it completely revolutionizes all of them, making it as unique as it is powerful. Let’s touch on all three:


PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies

This technology has been around for decades and is known for benefits like:

Other devices are based around the idea that the Earth’s magnetic field is important to human health, so they amp up their power to as much as 16 times the strength of Earth’s magnetic field under the assumption that, if a little is good, a lot is better.Yes, PEMF has been around a long time and boasts impressive results. But that doesn’t mean blasting the body-field with strong EMFs has no downside, and there’s debate in the PEMF community about whether to use strong or weak fields. Either way, there are definitely those with EMF sensitivities that should not be exposed to strong fields like that.

miHealth completely sidesteps this issue. You won’t get a reading from it on an EMF reader because the PEMF we use is so gentle … and completely different from every other device.


Simple: miHealth knows that the body-field doesn’t need a magnetic battering. It needs corrective information. And that’s where we excel.

With miHealth, a very low-powered PEMF is used to carry information only, providing the body-field with our proprietary information signals, much as our Infoceuticals do. In this way, miHealth offers quality over quantity. It offers precision over brute force. It guides the body-field toward an optimal state rather than pushing it around.

And when the body-field – the control system of the rest of the body – is working correctly, the body’s natural healing mechanisms can work correctly too. That’s why we see such astonishing results.

To be clear, our PEMF technology is always in use with the miHealth, whether you’re working “on body” or “off body,” which makes both of these powerful solutions. But practitioners qualified to work “on body” with clients can have even more profound results with the addition of our proprietary bioelectric therapy combining the best of TENS and SCENAR technologies. Read on!


TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

This therapy has also been used for decades and is still used by hospitals today. But wait till you understand why.Most of the time, TENS is another bludgeoning approach. In other words, it electrically beats up on the nerves until it wears them out and they stop sending pain signals. As a result, it can help with short-term pain relief. But normally, TENS does nothing to actually fix the underlying problem. So it’s not long before someone realizes it’s not helping their pain. And in a hospital setting, they may turn to drugs to mask their pain. We’ll let you do that math.

But this failure is because most TENS is dumb TENS. Most does nothing to work with the body. And of course miHealth takes a totally different approach.

First, miHealth provides the body-field with our proprietary PEMF information signals even during a TENS type of treatment, already making it far more powerful than any TENS unit available. But more than that, we don’t just blast the nerves with electricity. Instead, miHealth has an active biofeedback technology in place. This means it is listening to the body and modifying its electrical signal many times every second, providing stimulation that the nerves want to receive.Not dumb TENS by any stretch. miHealth goes beyond TENS and makes it smart. Another reason miHealth gets results.


SCENAR stands for “Self-Controlled Energo Adaptive Regulation”

SCENAR stands for “Self-Controlled Energo Adaptive Regulation” – this is really the “biofeedback” (adaptive) portion of miHealth’s electro stimulation. But once again, miHealth is revolutionizing an established technology.First developed by the Russians to keep their cosmonauts healthy in space, SCENAR devices are either set to particular frequencies, or they run up and down bands of frequencies to try interacting with the nervous system. And over the years, they have plenty of proven results. But they’re nowhere near as precise or efficient as miHealth.

This is because miHealth is the only bioelectric technology using resonance frequencies in harmony with the body based on decades of our own research. No one else is using these because no one else has these frequencies … and no one else can guess them. These are specific down to many decimal points, while other devices use round number. Remember, the body-field is all about information, and when it comes to information, precision is key.

This is no small point, because these numbers are codes, precise routes or instructions for the body-field and nervous system to make adjustments and to get the body’s natural healing and maintenance systems kicked into gear. And what would you rather: that your body get things right, or just close to right?

With miHealth’s precision, we help the body to get things right.

What the miHealth Does
A few examples of the 200+ pre-programmed settings included in your miHealth

Acute Balance

For neural fatigue due to acute pain (present for up to a few days). General relaxation of acute muscle tension and emotional tension.

After Sport

For general fatigue rejuvenation after exertion. Supports: tissue damage, muscle fatigue, muscle enzymes, muscle tone, myalgia, muscle strain, swelling, trauma.


Works at cellular level to recharge the whole body with energy, building up reserves ready for action.


For Fatigue of the male energy system. Related to general male hormone balance and regulation. May help with charisma, attractiveness, confidence, will power, social warmth and a general feeling of well-being,


For fatigue of the female energy system. Related to female hormone balance and regulation. May improve social ability. attractiveness, sexual charisma and general feeling of well-being.


Emotional Stress Release.


Helps with fatigue associated with not being able to fall asleep or stay awake.


Helps with processing emotional upsets so a more peaceful, relaxed and happy state of being can be achieved.


Aids with liberating the mind from past shocks and traumas. Best in broadcast. Use in conjunction with ESR and possibly Energy Alignment.


Help with fatigue associated with the effects of Electro Magnetic Frequencies. Works with low frequency such as computers, mobile phones, radio transmitters, microwaves and higher frequencies such as X rays.

Head (Headaches)

General easing of fatigue associated with headache pain and tension. Can be used in conjunction with ESR, Energy, and Acute Balance.


For general fatigue of the skin - tone and rejuvenation. Get your youthful glow back!


For fatigue of hormone, enzyme production and nervous system associated with younger bodies.


For fatigue of the fat metabolism processes where they have become disturbed through issues with the liver, hormones and toxins in the nervous system. May also help regulate appetite.

As if revolutionizing 3 established technologies weren’t enough, miHealth takes things even further:


It’s as easy to browse and select treatments as using a smartphone app. Complete with a touch screen and built-in stylus, miHealth lets you click to open folders, scroll through options, and click to choose a setting. Choose “on body” or “off body” with one push. If using the electrodes, dial the energy up to a comfortable level and let miHealth’s smart technology take care of the rest.


Other devices focus only on preset PEMF frequencies. miHealth has loads of options to fit your needs. Want support for sleep? Or more energy? Or the energy of the chakras? Maybe you prefer bioenergetic support for the bones, or nerves, or after sport recovery. Maybe you take a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to wellness and want to support the right organs at the right time of day. Just choose your setting from among dozens and let miHealth’s proprietary information signals do their thing.


We’ll let others think that “one size fits all.” You know better. So in addition to all the options shown above, if you’re working with one of our practitioners, you can use your miHealth to get a bioenergetic wellness assessment in just seconds. This will show you specific miHealth settings to use, and where to use them, customized to your precise needs.