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Exhausted? Not feeling well? My goal is to help you to restore your energy for life. And I have an incredibly powerful and fulfilling approach to doing this. Start by connecting with me.

If you find yourself struggling to get through the day due to low energy, then it’s time to find out why.

Maybe you’ve been down the road of medicine. Or you’ve spent time crafting your diet and supplement list with a nutritionist. Or you’ve started downing green drinks for breakfast.

Maybe you’ve tried all these and more, yet you still feel sluggish and can’t summon the energy to do all the wonderful things you once enjoyed.

Well, there’s a reason for that. Both medicine and nutrition focus only on the body’s chemistry, which is important … but it’s literally just half the story.

That’s because your body — like everything in the universe, according to science — is based on energy first, and that energy drives all chemical actions.

This energy extends throughout your body and even beyond it, giving you a “body-field” of energy that represents the true physical root of who you are.

How the System Works:

Bioenergetic Assessment To Check Your Body’s State
Consultation & Support By Your Bioenergtic Coach
Personalized Infoceutical Protocol
Online Educational Material

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Welcome to the Total Wellness Portal of SCISTM,com 
the Soul-Centered Institute for Stress and Tension Management.
Integrating medicine for good! since 2013,

Welcome to your Personalized Wellness Care Portal. I'm Daniel, your host, founder of SCISTM, and creator of the Deeper Insights Method for personal re-creation with Energy4Life Plus. My life in this arena began at the age of four when I survived drowning with total identity amnesia, auric vision, and healing touch in the midst of strangers. The amnesia was permanent, the rest lasted only a short while, but the insights linger on. After sixty years, a career in quantum physics, world travel studying cultures and healing methods, thousands of hours in body/mind training programs across a range of modalities, I finally found what I sought in the NES Health BWS. I hope you find it of service to your needs. Let us know your issue. Do a scan. Let's see how we can probably help.

My mission is generating greater joy, wholeness, wellness, and success in life, love and living in the world by educating people to take personal accountability for their wellness and providing an easy means and guidance system they can trust. Our mission is training people and coaches in Enery4Life and the BWS, the source code and delivery system for anti-aging, good health, and longevity,
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As you can see from the following list, I am a body-mind specialist. I have many modalities available to help but the most important is your scan and the miHealth device, the wand. I developed the Deeper Insights Method to help clients with core energetic issues, reducing the time and effort required of most personal change and development programs. This process is available only through qualified and certified members of the Institute at SCISTM.

  1. Certified NES Health Practitioner and Licensed System Owner, 2024.
  2. Quantum Health Practitioner, 2013
  3. Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy, 2013
  4. Pure Bioenergy Practitioner, 2009
  5. WaveMaker BioResonance Coach, 2004.
  6. Inner Human Software Engineer, 2004
  7. EEG Biofeedback Technologist Training, 1999
  8. Master NLP Consultant & Trainer, 1997
  9. NLP Wellness & Business Consultant, 1997
  10. MS Communication Management, Imaginal Processes, 1985
  11. BA Psychology, 1984
  12. AS Quantum Technologies, 1970

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