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Welcome to the heart of the Soul-Centered Institute for Stress and Tension Management, where we've been integrating medicine for good! since 2013, Our objective is for you to have greater joy, wholeness, wellness, and success in life, love and living than you have even imagined. And, without the use of drugs, invasive procedures, and bad side effects. 

Register and login to your portal for a better future. Personal total wellness assurance is in your power. It couldn't be easier than with our support and guidance. Completing this form will enable your FREE 30 day premium membership. NOTE: This is not a medical system. We do not treat medical issues. Visit the link above to learn more about the how the system works.
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  1. Certified NES Health Practitioner and Licensed System Owner, 2024.
  2. Quantum Health Practitioner, 2013
  3. Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy, 2013
  4. Pure Bioenergy Practitioner, 2009
  5. WaveMaker BioResonance Coach, 2004.
  6. Human Software Engineer, 2004
  7. Master NLP Consultant & Trainer, 1997
  8. NLP Wellness & Business Consultant, 1997
  9. MS Communication Management
  10. BA Psychology

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