How The Scan Works

Humans aren’t just chemicals that randomly know how to join forces and produce functioning bodies. They require a blueprint to pull off this miracle.

When it comes to people, we simply call this blueprint the Human Body-Field. It guides the flow of energy in the body and acts as an instantaneous communication system for the body to work as a single, harmonic unit.

As long as the body-field is in good shape, the body should be energized and functioning as well as possible.But if the field becomes distorted or blocked – as it can be by heavy metals and other toxins; pathogens (like viruses, molds, and bacteria); or emotional stress and traumas – the body itself can start to break down.

This is why true, holistic living has 3 parts to it:

Good nutrients for information and energy to work with

Recharging the body through healthy habits

Opzimizing the body-field to make best use of the energy and nutrients provided

We are based on decades of research using customized electronic equipment to “map” the Human Body-Field. Through a process called “matching,” we came to understand how the body powers itself and communicates through fields.

“Matching” occurs when the information sent between two structures is in harmony, or in resonance. Now if it’s two of the same structure – whether two electrons, hydrogen atoms, or liver cells – there should always be resonance, as long as the communication isn’t blocked.

While parts of our body seem very different, our research shows that many different parts communicate through matching and sending out resonant information. It was this discovery that allowed us to confirm much of what traditional Chinese medicine had taught about meridians for thousands of years.

More than that, it also let us explore how the body communicates with its environment, with nutrients, and even with our emotions, as every emotion sets up its own wave pattern in space!

The Bioenergetic WellNES System (BWS)

Based on all this, we combined our research with these advanced physics theories to develop the fastest, most holistic look at the Human Body-Field available. Our system uses modern electronics to generate a field that interacts with the body-field, allowing the kind of two-way field communication we’ve described. Our scan represents each test item in a proprietary way, and we scan each item many times to check and re-check for matches in order to provide the most accurate result possible.

Through a simple color system, we prioritize aspects of the field that repeatedly show their need for support, whether from an Infoceutical or from lifestyle choices.We should point out a few important items about how to understand this type of assessment:This is a look at the body-field only. It is never a direct assessment of the physical body or anything physical in the body, like a nutrient, toxin, or pathogen.

Purple readings indicate the highest priority, followed by orange readings. White indicates the lowest priority. However, these do not indicate severity, so they do not suggest the presence of symptoms. And they do not indicate whether something is chronic or acute. They ONLY represent where the body-field is seeking the most support at the moment of the scan.

So you never want to assume that a high priority is a problem or that it is making any kind of diagnosis. It is not, beyond recommending areas for support.

That said, most people find that this assessment correlates very well with their known health concerns; and NES Health practitioners who know how to observe patterns within the assessment are even better at seeing these correlations.

Insights you can get about your body-field – the foundation of your energy & wellness

Energy Source

Body-field’s response to issues of diet, hydration, movement, oxygenation. alignment with day and night cycles and more.

Energy Strength

Assessment of the strength of cell and organ powered fields, giving us an indirect look at the function of the organs themselves.

Energy Flow

Looks at how well information is flowing through the body-field.

Mind Body

Looks at the impact of stress and emotional shocks and traumas on the body-field.


Looks at the body-field’s response to certain emotions, which may be at the core of more health issues than anything else.

Energetic Immunity

Looks at the informational foundation to the body’s immune and recovery systems.


Looks at the body-field’s response to a variety of environmental toxins or electromagnetic exposure. Priority readings indicate the body-field’s inability to correctly respond to these elements.


Looks at the body-field’s response to a number of nutrients and nutritional issues. Priority readings indicate the body-field’s inability to correctly respond to these nutrients, to correctly metabolise, etc.

Want to check out your own Body-Field Scan?

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Ready for one of the most holistic approaches to health coaching you can find?

You can reach for a Red Bull or  you can REACH OUT TO ME NOW for real, sustainable energy! 303.550.8026  or

Your health transformation awaits you and I am ready to be your guide. Making changes to improve your health can feel like stepping "Into the Wild," and being ready for what the wild can throw at you requires the right "gear."

Together, we'll help you prep and pack for your incredible journey into the healthy and energetic life you are ready for!

As we trek along this transformational path, I will support you along the way with the "gear" that will not just help you survive, but make it possible to thrive. A new quality of life awaits you at the top of the mountain you are going to summit!

When we have completed the journey together, you will have all you need in your pack to continue on with great success in living a life full of energy, vitality, quality, and joy! 

If you are the DIY type, scroll down for services below. If you prefer more company on your journey, call me for a more customized program. 

Either way, your life is about to change for the better and your views are about to get a whole lot sweeter!

Big Love!



Body Stress Release (BSR) with NES miHealth- 1 HR 15 MIN(BSR is a gentle, hands-on bodywork technique that reduces tension and improves neurological function throughout the body, reducing pain and improving emotional states)

BSR & miHealth session with NES Scan and consultation - 1 HR 30 MIN

Movement/Fitness Personal Training - 1 HR

Personalized Health Coaching Programing using NES, Nutrition, and Movement (BSR available for local clients) 



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   I hold a Bachelor's degree from Colorado State University in a completely unrelated field to health and wellness. However, my time working in my field of study revealed so much to me about where my gifts really are to be used. Within a few years, I began my journey into serving others through alternative health techniques. Starting with a long journey to South Africa to learn the beauty and precision of managing pain and stress through the technique known as Body Stress Release. Years later, I grew more curious about the biomechanics of stress and sedentarism plaquing the modern world. So began my studies with Biomechanist Katy Bowman and certifying as a Restorative Exercise Specialist Personal Trainer through the Nutritious Movement Center in Washington, USA. Later I pursued my Level 1 Instructor training in MovNat in order to expand my skill and understanding of restoring the body with competency in natural human movement. I couldn't stop there because my desire to move towards helping coach people more thoroughly through movement, nutrition, and lifestyle grew and by the end of 2020 my health coaching certificate will be completed through the outstanding education provided my Primal Health Coach Institute.

   Through my training and work with clients, I have seen so many cases where I wished I could get more to the heart of their issues. When I discovered bioenergetics through NES, I knew I found the piece of the puzzle I was looking for to really set my clients up for lasting health transformation. It is such a thrill to see people heal and regain their energy so they can go on to make even more significant change in their food, movement, and lifestyle choices. 

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