The Bioenergetics Health Coach Course

Become part of the new generation of bioenergetics health coaches who are restoring humanity’s energy for life!
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(normally $1,500)

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What’s included:

The Energy Coaching Course (8 modules covering A&P, Bioenergetics, Lifestyle Coaching, and Business)

60-day trial of the NES Health system

BWS Online Training (detailed training on use of the BWS system; roughly 10-15 hours of online training)

Foundation Training (3 days in Tampa, Florida)

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Intro to Bioenergetics
  • Body
  • Environment
  • Mind
  • Social
  • Business Model

Who Should Become A Bioenergetics Health Coach?

  • Who Should Become A Bioenergetics Health Coach?
  • Are you passionate about helping and empowering others to live their best healthy lives?
  • Do you want a career that pays well, feels fulfilling, has flexible hours, can be remote and makes a difference?
  • Do you enjoy learning world-class science-backed information which will inspire habit change in yourself and others?
  • Do you want to know the truth about what really creates health and lasting change in others?
  • Do you want a training program that includes extensive hands-on training so you can practice your skills as you learn (and even earn money while still in school)?
  • Do you learn best at your own pace and on your own time

Meet Your Instructors

Harry Massey

Founder of Energy For Life and NES Health

In 2002, Harry founded NES Health.

NES Health,, is a company dedicated to fostering a 21st-century system of healthcare, based on the integration of physics and biology. Harry invented two health-related clinical technologies: the NES miHealth & the BioEnergetiX WellNES System. These endeavors grew out of his own research into health as he sought to overcome serious illness in his youth.

He also wrote and directed The Living Matrix: The New Science of Healing, Choice Point, Align Your Purpose and Supercharged to educate and inspire the general public about cutting edge bioenergetics and bio-informational approaches to health and well-being.

Niki Gratrix


Niki is an award-winning functional medicine practitioner, bioenergetics and transformation coach, helping people to optimize energy.

In 2005, she co-founded one of the largest mind-body clinics in integrative medicine specializing in fatigue in the UK. The results with patients at the clinic were published as a preliminary study in 2012 in the British Medical Journal Open. In August 2015, she hosted the largest ever free online health summit on overcoming fatigue interviewing 29 world leading experts on optimizing energy with over 30,000 attendees. Since 2015 she has spoken on over 40 large online health summits reaching over 1 million people world-wide.

Todd Erb

FDNP & NES Bioenergetic Practitioner

Todd Erb is a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and a Certified NES Bioenergetic Practitioner.

He spent his late teenage years battling a crippling fatigue and debilitated by fibromyalgia. Bedridden and determined to take responsibility for his wellness, Todd submerged himself into the field of health, becoming an FDNP, and eventually, a Bioenergetic Practitioner. Finding relief, Todd has set out on a mission to help those that are sick, and regain their health just as he did.

Steve McCardell

NES Bioenergetic Practitioner and Head of Educational Content

Certified as a NES Practitioner in 2007, Steve was among the first practitioners in the NES Health family and saw clients through his private practice in Michigan.

He also has an extensive professional career as a writer and teacher, and today combines all these facets in his role as Head of Educational Content for NES Health. He has written and taught extensively on health and wellness topics, including the physics of biology, and is involved in updating our courses, improving our software, training on new features, writing and overseeing content development, and more.

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Correcting the Human Body-Field with NES Health™ Technology

It is the easiest bioenergetic scanning system on the market, and the safest.

Three Simple Steps


    Our scan measures hundreds of wellness points in just seconds with remarkable accuracy.

  • Unblock

    Our miHealth device combines PEMF therapy with proprietery signals to free the body’s energy flow.

  • Correct

    Our proprietary liquid remedies correct information in the body-field, activating it’s self-restoring abilities.

About NES Health

  • 15 years providing energy and wellness products
  • 5,000+ NES practitioners around the globe
  • 25 countries served and growing

The BioEnergetiX WellNES System Trial

When you sign up to become a Bioenergetics Health Coach the NES Health trial (normally $147 and only available to practitioners) comes with everything below.

  • A Proprietary Scanner

    (Retail value of $147) Use this with a computer to capture wellness assessments in seconds. If clients choose to purchase this scanner as well, you can even work with them remotely. (They can send their scan to you online.) Perfect for those who do health coaching by phone!

  • A One-hour Coaching Call

    (Retail value of $150) A certified NES bioenergetic practitioners will walk you through your first scan as your trial begins. This not only shows you how to use the system, but also shows you the insights you gain into someone’s health.

  • Online Training

    Learn about every screen and their remedies, as well as additional training on the science of bioenergetics.

  • Unlimited Scans

    Complete use of the system (unlimited scans) for 60 days – normally valued at $794 outside of a trial.

  • Wholesale Pricing

    Access to wholesale pricing on their remedies (Infoceuticals™), as well as drop shipping services in case you have remote clients or simply don’t want to stock their products.

The Energy Coaching Course

Overall Anatomy & Physiology

Three lengthy lessons making sure you're familiar with the function of cells and their parts as well as organ systems and their roles in the body.

An Introduction to Bioenergetics

Providing you with a history of this field of study, as well as current understandings of the physics of the body. Also, several exercises working with the body's energy field.

Our Exclusive Energy Coaching Course

This is the heart of the knowledge you will share with clients to guide them on their way toward more energy and health. Four extensive modules cover Body, Mind, Environment and Social Issues. There are a total of 24 lessons, each based on 30-60 minute video guidance. Designed to be used over six months (one lesson per week) with clients, in addition to bioenergetic assessments and remedies for a powerful and transformative experience.

The Business of Coaching

This includes your ethical commitments as a coach, as well as lessons on principles of success and working with clients. We include questions or information you may seek from your clients as you guide them through each lesson. And we provide you with a Disclaimer Form template you can have clients sign before you work with them, designed to protect you and your business.

What our NES Practitioners Are Saying

Wendy Myers

FDN-P, NC, CHHC, Expert in Detoxification & Minerals

“The bioenergetic protocol is one of the most profound protocols I have ever seen in my many years of working with clients.”

Ben Greenfield

Body Hacker, Brain Performance Coach, Speaker & Author

“Bioenergetics is the future of health, period. If you´re serious about upgrading your body, brain and energy, this is definitely for you!”

Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Americas #1 integrative cardiologist, author

“I think the NES system is almost making us “client whisperers” and we are becoming more intuitive. With NES, the practitioner and the client can basically have a non-verbal conversation.”

Tasha Danvers

British Olympicmedallist

“As an athlete the little details make the difference between you and your competitors – and that is where bioenergetics comes into play. It is very important that your whole body system is in alignment, so you can do your job.”

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Website: Email: Mob: +61 4024 54437 I am a Bioenergetics Mind/Body Systems Re-programmer, Intuitive Life Mentor and Soul Alignment Guide. As the Human Body-field acts as the Master Control System to regulate and integrate the Physical, Chemical, Emotional and Mental aspects of an organism, it requires a multidimensional and holistic approach for optimal health, wellbeing and empowerment. By combining my intuition, pattern recognition abilities, advanced Alchemical Healing processes, and utilising the NES Health and Bioenergetix scanning technologies, I am able to hone in on the underlying issues effecting clients, to support them on their healing journey and/or guide on their Journey of Self Discovery and self empowerment.

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I am a certified Bioenergetics NES practitioner. My studies at the Academy of Energy Science and Consciousness included ancient mystery school healing arts. Over the past 25 yrs I have also studied numerous healing modalities and synthesised my skills into unique protocols to assist the diverse needs of clients. My role as a practitioner is to facilitate, uncovering the underlying cause and core issues, of the interference patterns, negative programming driving behaviour and blocks in the flow of energy and information, the body needs for optimal health, wellbeing and functionality. My intuitive mentoring provides insights into the life challenges a client is experiencing and processes to reframe and reprogram the mind/body systems to transform their experiences.

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