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Hi, I’m Kathy Morris. I inspire my clients to become healthy and happy by coaching wellness in the simple way. I can help you finally get to the bottom of your underlying reasons for not feeling well. I believe that every single person has the power to accomplish whatever they set their mind to.

As a Functional Health Coach (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition & Bioenergetic Practitioner), I will show you how to make real-life changes, with suggestions and recipes that will increase your energy. If you feel tired, overwhelmed, have ongoing body issues like weight and bloating, pain, mental clarity, sleep problems, hormone issues, and stress, I can inspire you to change and become the best person you can be. Being healthy is not about missing out, but living life with energy, confidence, and health, to the end of your journey.

As an NES Practioner, I work with humans and animals to promote optimal health and vitality.

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Additional Certification/Training

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