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I focus on delivering to my clients Holistic and Bio-energetic Treatments, Products, Information, and Education with short- and long-term Preventative and Therapeutic Strategies. Rejuvenation, Gut Health and Detoxification are some of the fascinating and integral parts of my work. 

** In this time of crisis, I offer NES Health and FDN wellness services to my clients 100% remotely. With other modalities unable to achieve the same, this is a perfect way for you to maintain vibrant health -- completely remotely. **

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In over 24 years in Natural Medicine, I have studied and practiced the following modalities: NES Health and miHealth, Homeopathy (AROH registered), Functional Diagnostic Nutrition┬« (AFDNP member), Homotoxicology, SUNUM therapy, Biopuncture (Biomesotherapy), Dark Field Live & Dry Blood Microscopy, Bowen Therapy (Fascial Kinetics),  Aromatherapy, Clinical massage, Reflexology, SCENAR, PSYCH-K,  Body Talk, Rapid Results Coaching; and currently studying Homeobotanical therapy.

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