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Penny Langsdorf, After earning her B.S. degree in Psychology, Penny spent over 25 years counseling college students and their families. She witnessed how important mental outlook, beliefs and perspectives were to a student’s success; as well as their capacity to handle stress and maintain overall health. She believes great health and vitality is derived from balance and harmony in every area of life: Body, Mind, and Spirit. Penny's personal challenges with on-going health issues; thyroid, high blood pressure, autoimmunity, food sensitivities, allergies, and angina edema, prompted her to investigate alternative and energy medicine treatments. For Penny, orthodox pharmaceutical medicines were only exacerbating these conditions. As a life-long student of energy psychology modalities (Tapping, Reiki, and Psych-k®), she was familiar with the field of bioenergetics. When she discovered the NES Health protocol and energy psychology techniques, her mind and body began to heal. In addition, implementing the health advice from the Energy4Life program greatly increased her energy and vitality. By utilizing multiple modalities, Penny helps clients regain their health and energy. In partnership with her clients, Penny helps find and remove the energy blockages that keep people stuck, thus allowing the body’s innate healing capabilities to flourish. For a free consultation, email Penny at

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B.S., M.C. in Psychology 

NES Practitioner/Energy4Life Coach

PSYCH-K® Health and Wellness Facilitator

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

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