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I founded Stepping Stones to Health to help people on their journey to health, using an integrated approach that recognizes the holistic nature and bio-individuality of everyone. 

There are many aspects and pathways to health, from bioenergetics and the human body field, to nutrition, the mind, the body, emotions, social connections, the environment, spiritual connection, purpose and outlook on life.  In short, it's about you, the person and where you would most like support.

Fundamental to this approach are NES Health Bioenergetic scans, infoceuticals, and treatments with the MiHealth bioenergetic device. We focus on making sure the body has enough energy to work with and that accurate communication is taking place in the body – that instructions are clear and getting where they’re needed. When we help the body to achieve this, it handles its own corrective processes. 

In addition, there is the life-changing Bioenergetic Lifestyle Course where you are taken step-by-gentle-step through a lifestyle transformation. Each week, you’ll engage in just one video that explains a new area of health and the simple ways you can begin to alter habits and begin to recapture your vitality. 

I understand first hand what it is like to suffer from chronic illness, debilitating pain and fatigue... and what it takes to make the journey back to health. I can relate to how physically and emotionally demanding it can be just making it through the day.  I walk my talk so to speak and have the highest regard for NES Health and the difference it has made for my health and wellbeing.

And here at Stepping Stones to Health, you will find a spacious clinic that has been outfitted for your comfort and relaxation. It is a place surrounded by nature, wildlife and fabulous views of the Gold Coast. It is a place to come and unwind, where you can experience the best treatment possible.  

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