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  • Emotional Immunity

    You’ve probably heard a story like it before — someone finds out that they’re dying of cancer or another terminal illness, so they adopt a totally new mindset, radically change their life, and somehow end up in remission a year later…

  • Decoding the Body-Field

    When I was in my twenties, I spent seven years bedridden with chronic fatigue. During the first year or two, I tried virtually every major therapy prescribed conventional medicine, yet I was still deteriorating. Doctors had no clue what was wrong with me aside from identifying some abnormal blood markers, which they had no explanation or solution for. Next came the nutrition route…

  • Activating Aerobic Immunity & Your Body’s Healing System

    Imagine being bedridden with your body’s immune system losing a continual battle against numerous viruses, parasites, and bacteria. That was me for 10 years. Fast forward to today, where I’m able to exercise 2-4 hours a day and run a thriving business.