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Exhausted? Not feeling well? My goal is to help you to restore your energy for life. And I have an incredibly powerful and fulfilling approach to doing this. Start by connecting with me.

If you find yourself struggling to get through the day due to low energy, then it’s time to find out why.

Maybe you’ve been down the road of medicine. Or you’ve spent time crafting your diet and supplement list with a nutritionist. Or you’ve started downing green drinks for breakfast.

Maybe you’ve tried all these and more, yet you still feel sluggish and can’t summon the energy to do all the wonderful things you once enjoyed.

Well, there’s a reason for that. Both medicine and nutrition focus only on the body’s chemistry, which is important … but it’s literally just half the story.

That’s because your body — like everything in the universe, according to science — is based on energy first, and that energy drives all chemical actions.

This energy extends throughout your body and even beyond it, giving you a “body-field” of energy that represents the true physical root of who you are.

How the System Works:

Bioenergetic Assessment To Check Your Body’s State
Consultation & Support By Your Bioenergtic Coach
Personalized Infoceutical Protocol
Online Educational Material

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"Your body was designed to move freely, with stamina and be a pleasure to live in," says Debra Carter, founder of Integrated Health Integrated Life Clinic.  Debra enjoys the transformative process of connecting people to their own unique wholeness and energy by using a heart centered approach.  The core of her mission is to heal the planet one body at a time.  She is passionate about empowering people to have a relationship with their own body, to listen to their body with increased awareness (instead of thinking the body is the problem).  She provides each individual with their own unique key to unlock deep seated issues like, chronic lack of energy, complex autoimmune disorders, body pain, digestive issues, and much more. 

The biggest achievement in her practice has been successfully integrating her unique leading-edge therapies together.  With training and experience spanning over 20 years helping thousands of clients each year via NES Health, Structural Integration Bodywork (Hellerwork), Colon Hydrotherapy, Trinfinity8 and Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE) to improve the integrity and self healing ability of the whole being.  

See the Unseen - Beyond Your Symptoms!   

It's important to know where you are at before you begin a healing program.

If you want Energy 4 Life it's important to know where you are at in your healing journey - Each Bioenergetix scan shows how energised your body-field is by assessing your Energy Source, Energy Strength and Energy Flow through the body's systems, showing up what is hindering your healing journey.  It also assesses psycho-emotional patterns, including those that may be playing in a loop potentially causing chronic health problems.  This is how we see beyond the symptoms - corrective drops called infoceuticals which are taken internally once a day unblock, energise restore your body-field system to optimum self healing once more.

The future is bright for supporting people holistically using these leading edge wellness systems.  Transforming pain and discomfort into feeling effortless alignment, standing centered in your strength, while moving with a new level of comfort and ease.

The greatest achievement of the day is when clients leave feeling lighter, and free in their body, feeling more energised and optimistic about their future.

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Diploma of Hellerwork Structural Integration (2004)

NES Health Practitioner (2004)

Colon Hydrotherapist. (1995)

Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE)

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