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Exhausted? Not feeling well? My goal is to help you to restore your energy for life. And I have an incredibly powerful and fulfilling approach to doing this. Start by connecting with me.

If you find yourself struggling to get through the day due to low energy, then it’s time to find out why.

Maybe you’ve been down the road of medicine. Or you’ve spent time crafting your diet and supplement list with a nutritionist. Or you’ve started downing green drinks for breakfast.

Maybe you’ve tried all these and more, yet you still feel sluggish and can’t summon the energy to do all the wonderful things you once enjoyed.

Well, there’s a reason for that. Both medicine and nutrition focus only on the body’s chemistry, which is important … but it’s literally just half the story.

That’s because your body — like everything in the universe, according to science — is based on energy first, and that energy drives all chemical actions.

This energy extends throughout your body and even beyond it, giving you a “body-field” of energy that represents the true physical root of who you are.

How the System Works:

Bioenergetic Assessment To Check Your Body’s State
Consultation & Support By Your Bioenergtic Coach
Personalized Infoceutical Protocol
Online Educational Material

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My Career

I have been a Registered Nurse for nearly 30 years.  After spending 20 years in the hospital and caring for Intensive Care patients of all ages, I realized that Western medicine was missing something- addressing cellular health and mitochondrial function.   After enduring my own health crisis, and applying my research to my own care, I had healing!   The trajectory of my career changed; I knew I needed to share what I learned with my patients.  I have been doing integrative infusion and research for the last ten years and during this time, started Health & Wellness Coaching.   Kelly Brink LLC was established to empower and energize clients towards health and wellness.  I utilize Ozone Sauna, PEMF, Red Light, Near Infrared Light, and Bioenergetic Scanning to target cellular health and energy. I also teach IV nutrient therapy to doctors globally to set the stage of safety and compliance.  We need to protect what we do, and do it well.

My Mission

My mission is to help people live optimally and in perfect balance, moving them towards true health and wellness.  I want to shine a light on natural modalities that can assist in helping your body heal itself.  God put everything we need in our bodies, sometimes it just needs a little push!  I get joy out of helping others find the “push” they need and seeing what their bodies can do.  I focus on cellular health and mitochondrial function - ATP energy - while empowering and energizing individuals towards health and wellness.  I am in it, to win it, with you!

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Registered Nurse

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Certified Life Coach

Certified in IV Nutrient Therapy

Certified in Ozone

Certified in Aromatherapy

Certified in Homeopathy

Certified in Herbs 



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