93% of Users Agree: miHealth = Real Health Benefits… Really Fast!

Introducing the miHealth Device

When it comes to supporting your health, results are the bottom line. Fast results are even better. That’s why you’ll love to know about the miHealth, where 88% of participants in a large Outcome Study saw improvement after just one session.

For the best results, work with your practitioner on a program designed for your needs. The miHealth can be purchased directly from your practitioner.

The miHealth device was featured on the popular and highly regarded US TV programme: The Doctors. They explained how it can be used to help reduce muscle pain and more. Check out the video:

So what is the miHealth?

The miHealth is a handheld bioelectric and body-field device, combining (and improving on) a number of established technologies with our one-of-a-kind information-based technology.

The miHealth completely revolutionizes three technologies, making the unit as unique as powerful. Let’s touch on all three:

PEMF has been around for decades and is known for a lot of benefits. But there’s a debate in the PEMF community about whether to use strong or weak fields. That’s never been an issue for the miHealth because completely sidesteps this issue. You won’t get a reading from it on an EMF reader because the PEMF we use is so gentle … and completely different from every other device.

Typically, TENS electrically beats up on the nerves until it wears them out and they stop sending pain signals. As a result, it can help with short-term pain relief.

But the miHealth takes a more elegant approach. The miHealth goes beyond TENS and makes it smart, rather than a bludgeon.

Normal SCENAR devices are either set to particular frequencies, or they run up and down bands of frequencies to try interacting with the nervous system. And over the years, they have plenty of proven results.

But the miHealth provides precise and efficient biofeedback. This is because the miHealth is the only bioelectric technology using resonance frequencies in harmony with the body based on decades of our own research. In other words, the miHealth takes the guesswork out and provides real answers.

Acute Balance

For general relaxation of acute muscle and emotional tension.

After Sport

For general fatigue rejuvenation after exertion. Supports: muscle fatigue, muscle enzymes, muscle tone.


Works at cellular level to recharge the whole body with energy, so you’re ready for action.


Helps with fatigue associated with not being able to fall asleep or stay awake.


Helps with processing daily emotional upsets so a peaceful, relaxed and happy state of being can be maintained.


Help with fatigue associated with the effects of Electro Magnetic Frequencies. Works with low frequency such as computers, mobile phones, radio transmitters, microwaves and higher frequencies such as X rays.


Assists with fatigue of hormone, enzyme production, and nervous system associated with older age.


Helps with fat metabolism processes. May also help regulate appetite.


Give yourself the healthy-looking, glowing skin.

What the miHealth Does

A few examples of the 200+ pre-programmed settings included in your miHealth

What the miHealth Does

A few examples of the 200+ pre-programmed settings included in your miHealth


As if revolutionizing 3 established technologies weren’t enough, miHealth takes things even further:


It’s as easy to browse and select treatments as using a smartphone app. Scroll through options, choose the right program and let miHealth’s smart technology take care of the rest.


Other devices focus only on preset PEMF frequencies. Just choose your setting from among dozens and let miHealth’s proprietary information signals do their thing.


We’ll let others think that “one size fits all.” You know better. So in addition to all pre set options, you can work out your customized program with a bioenergetic practitioner.

As you can see, the miHealth is like nothing else in the marketplace. It stands alone as a true revolutionary that consistently gets results, and can become your portable wellness system. If you’re like other users, you’ll find yourself using it just about every day. And sleeping beside it. And helping those you love with it.


For the best results, work with your practitioner on a program designed for your needs. The miHealth can be purchased directly from your practitioner.

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Hi, my name is MarieHelene Roussel, also known as Bhavani. I am a certified bioenergetics NES Health practitioner, a Functional Nutrition & LifeStyle educator, and a certified EFT practitioner. My passion and mission are to work with people who want to look at their health holistically, who want to be acknowledged and recognized as a whole human being, not a series of symptoms and diagnostic and find and resolve the root causes of their diagnostics and symptoms. A little summary of my Bio: After contracting hepatitis at 24, my negative experiences with the medical profession and mostly witnessing in the UK the quite inhuman treatments of my dearest friends suffering from AIDs in the early days of this disease and drug trial of AZT, I turned my back to the regular medicine and started on my holistic health journey. I have never stopped since. My first training in my early 30s was about the mindset, the body-mind connection, and impacts of traumas (what is called ACEs now), including birth traumas on health and wellness, training that led me into nutrition and lifestyle transformation. The four-year training with my first mentor, dear friend, and heroin Binnie Dansby was my first huge step to transformation. In my ten years or more working alongside Binnie, I explored many avenues in western and eastern holistic modalities and transformed my diet, lifestyle, and mindset completely. It is also thanked to Binnie’s assignment of creating a program that, born out of my other passion, I created the transformational stress release wild dolphin tours, which I ran part-time for 12 years. This is how I met my husband in my early 40s, a husband who had been on a lifetime search for enlightenment had lived in India with his guru Osho. After experiencing my inner calling to Osho, who changed my name to Bhavani. While living in New Zealand, we became meditation teachers of the Oneness University, India, ran transformational wild dolphin tours, and ran groups in many parts of the world, including volunteer work in South Africa and Tanzania. In 2010, my husband needed microscopic spinal surgery only available in the USA. This led us to an energetic master healer, who offered to train me, and we moved to the US. After being trained and worked for six years with this master healer, I decided to explore what else was available in the US. I discovered Nes Health System with Peter Fraser and Harry Massey: the fact that everything is energy, that distortion and healing start, and end in the Body Field was not new to me, but NES Health system brought together many ancient and modern healing traditions as well as new technology and is a very complete holistic health system. Since being in the USA, I also became a graduate of Functional Nutrition Labs, Andrea Nakayama’s school, a certified EFT practitioner, and a Heart Math facilitator. I was overjoyed finding out that another one of my heroines, Niki Gratrix had not only joined the Nes Health team but also created a complete holistic health course drawing on her 20 years of experience in the field. Ask me for details. I have no bigger passion than sharing with others what I have learned and practiced in over 30 years. At 64, I have as much energy as most 30 years old and practiced daily my health talk. If you want to see my full Bio, check out: https://holisticwellnessmhr.com The reward of being healthy and loving life is wonderful, but the ultimate reward is to be able to help someone else into the restoration of their health and energy for life. There is nothing more rewarding and gratifying than this. I would be honored to be your guiding hand. Take the first step in your journey to health and wellness; email me at mhr@holisticwellnessmhr.com so that we can set up a time to talk. Check out my website: www.holisticwellnessmhr.com.

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Certified NES Health and Energy4Life practitioner

Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner FNLP

Certified EFT Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

Heart Math Facilitator

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