How to recharge your energy

Bioenergetics is the study, detection, and correction of energy in living systems. With our holistic approach to this topic, we don’t just study energy in terms of ATP powering the cells. Instead, we look at all the ways to gather energy and make sure it’s controlled and flowing properly to optimize the health of the body.

We’ve outlined all of this in our bioenergetic principles, showing how your lifestyle choices can have an immediate and positive impact on your life, and how working with a bioenergetics practitioner can help take you to the next level of having the energy and sense of wellbeing to pursue your dreams.

Charging Your Body’s Battery – Optimize the
Exchange of Energy with Your Environment

We gather energy through a constant exchange with our environment. We eat to gather nutrients to power our bodies, and we excrete the waste, which in turn can be used by the earth to support other life. We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide used to power plant life. We receive electrons from the earth and light (photons) from the sun before transforming them and sending out our own energy as biophotons and more.

This exchange takes place as long as we’re alive, but we can optimize this exchange and provide ourselves with more energy for life by making healthy lifestyle decisions.


Because someone is lacking the energy to mount the response in the first place. You can see from the chart that an increase in energy is needed for the response. If the person is lacking any additional energy, then this increased usage will immediately collapse them into a survival state.


We talk more about the magic of water on our page about the Infoceuticals. Research shows that water is much more than the individual H2O molecule. It’s about structured relationships that take place between the water molecules throughout our bodies. These structures separate positive and negative charges, allowing water to act like a battery in the body. That gives water a critical role in producing energy for us.

Sunlight & Heat

Light (especially as infrared light, or heat) creates a greater charge separation in structured water, generating a stronger body battery. But light also triggers all sorts of activity in the body, from the production of vitamin D to brain signaling for daytime vs nighttime activity. It can affect mood, sleep, weight loss, and so much more. Likewise, temperature affects our blood vessels, heart rate, and blood; nerves; muscles; metabolism; and more.


The body needs to maintain a slightly negative charge, which requires keeping an abundance of electrons available. We can get these from direct contact with the earth. Walking on asphalt doesn’t count. Walking in shoes with rubber soles doesn’t count. The idea is skin to earth contact by walking in the grass or on the beach.

Movement / Exercise

Research connects a lack of movement / exercise with a long list of health problems. Its importance is not only due to the biochemical exchanges that take place when we move. From a bioenergetics perspective, the compression of bones, the stretching of muscles, greater use of the lungs, increased heart rate, and so on all help to produce a stronger energy field in the body.


Our intake of oxygen provides us with more power than food does, yet many of us are shallow breathers, not optimizing the energy we can produce from this continuous activity. Improving posture and breathing – which can be assisted with meditation practices as well – can help you capture more energy for life.

Your Body’s Control System
Restore Your Body-Field, Restore Your Life

Conventional views only look at the chemistry of the body to see how energy moves. But chemistry cannot explain why it moves as it does. Nor can chemistry explain the speed of life – the ability for the body to coordinate extremely complex actions as a single unit, rather than relying on chemical messages to trigger the nervous system, which sends electricity along a discontinuous wire, which reaches the brain for a chemical response, which then sends out electricity along a discontinuous wire again, which then moves the body.

You cannot explain the split second assessment and adjustment of every part of the body as a baseball player swings to hit a home run. Or the miraculous synchronicity needed for landing a triple axel in figure skating. Nobel prize winning biochemist Albert Szent- Gyorgyi told us,

“Life is too rapid and subtle to be explained by slow moving chemical reactions and nerve impulses.”

This isn’t to say that chemistry doesn’t play a role in communication, but that it is far too slow to conduct all the activity of the body, which requires an instantaneous communication system. And this is where we have to talk about “fields.” In quantum physics, “space” is not empty. It is a “field” that is teeming with waves of information. As these waves interact, they form patterns from which energy (particles) appears.

So when Albert Einstein told us,

“The field is the sole governing agency of the particle,”

this is what he meant. When we look for what controls energy, the answer is fields of information. This is true everywhere, even in human bodies. And this is what we refer to as the Human Body-Field.

NES Health was founded on the idea of assessing the state of the Human Body-Field, focusing on why someone is struggling with their energy levels or overall health, rather than diagnosing people based on symptoms. After all, people with the same symptoms or medical diagnosis could be facing that situation for different underlying causes. And in our view, the body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, if only it has the energy to do so and it is moving that energy correctly.

Resonance Communicates Information
Heal by Enhancing Coherent Communication

In quantum physics, particles (like photons) become entangled when they interact physically. Once entangled, the particles are in instantaneous communication at any distance. That means there is no “speed of light” limit when it comes to information communication, because it takes place through unified fields. This is what Einstein referred to as “spooky action at a distance.”We would describe this as the result of resonance. This is similar to the way that plucking a string on one guitar will make a nearby string on another guitar (tuned to the same note) also vibrate. There is communication between them because of sound waves and their sympathetic resonance. The more precisely these strings are tuned to the same note, the more strongly their sympathetic resonance; but there is also a margin of error that allows for resonance, or communication to take place. As long as their similarity is close enough, they affect one another, or communicate.

Now, there is extensive evidence that the universe is built like a fractal, with similar patterns repeating themselves at different levels of creation, and this occurs within the fields that we discussed above. So all the patterns of “information” that produce our universe have similarities. And just like those guitar strings, if the underlying fractals are highly similar, there is stronger communication between them. If the underlying fractals are less similar, communication isn’t as strong. But because there is similarity in all cases, we believe there is some level of communication between all matter.That said, this isn’t just theory at NES Health, because our research – our mapping of the Human Body-Field – was based on this kind of communication. Without going into the details shared in some of our books, we’ll outline just a bit of this here.

Co-founder of NES Health, Peter Fraser, spent years with some modified bioenergetic equipment. It allowed him to place test items onto two metal plates and, by introducing a low-voltage charge, observe the response of an indicator needle. If identical items were placed on each plate, a sudden change in the needle would indicate a match between them. Dissimilar things wouldn’t see this needle change, and this suggested that there was not strong communication between them.

But here’s where it gets really interesting: similarity wasn’t necessarily based on physical structures, because things that appeared very different would often match. Instead, it seems that these matches were based on the underlying fractal pattern of information. Something that was based on the field rather than on the physical matter. So things that were obviously similar matched; but so did things that you wouldn’t naturally expect to match.

As a result, many different parts of the body were found to speak to one another and, to a large degree, this confirmed the ancient theory of meridians in Chinese medicine. Fraser’s matching tests refined some of the older theory, making some additions or corrections. But there was enough agreement between them that the 12 Energetic Integrators of NES Health were named for their alignment with the 12 primary meridians of traditional Chinese medicine. Again, this demonstrates for us the existence of instantaneous communication system that allows the body to work as a united whole, rather than as trillions of separate cells.

Of course that assumes that nothing is distorting or blocking this information system. Distortions or blocking can occur in the presence of toxins, pathogens, or emotional traumas; also if there are health comprises from a lack of nutrients. In this case, the overall system is not coherent. Any time resonance is lacking in one part of a meridian, for instance, then the meridian as a whole is not coherent, and the goal is to restore coherence.

Information Opposes Entropy – Heal by Restoring Information, Order, and Efficiency

The 2nd law of thermodynamics tells us that entropy in any given system – which includes the universe as a whole – must always increase. This means that chaos or disorder are always increasing as the universe moves toward a state of even heat distribution (the inability to do any work) at nearly absolute zero.

In spite of this, increasingly complex forms develop as the universe develops, and that’s because information increases as entropy increases. And while the universe as a whole distributes heat throughout space, we have these little pockets of extreme organization where information opposes that entropy – places where solar systems form and life abounds with increasing complexity over time.

Therefore we know that life relies on information to oppose entropy. Information equals coherence, communication, and efficiency. When information is compromised – as in the case of toxins, pathogens, and emotional stress, shocks, and traumas – coherence, communication, and efficiency decrease.

So our bodies seek to operate efficiently, using as little energy as possible; by continuing to charge our batteries, we build a nice reserve of energy for emergency use.

In the case of intentional hormetic stress, the body is pushed slightly out of balance and slightly increases entropy (chaos); this makes the body less efficient, so energy use is increased, but only a little. Assuming things are working correctly, the body responds with a corresponding increase in information and restores our efficient state of being. The value of this intentional hormetic stress is that it keeps the body more flexible, more adaptable to different situations.

On the chart below, we see this as a normal fluctuation around a baseline state of wellness (A):

In the case of stress from toxins, pathogens, or emotional shocks and traumas, the increase in entropy would be much greater than we see from hormetic stress. The body’s response requires a much greater information response. The substantial increase in initial entropy would make the body so much less efficient that you would see a surge in the use of energy (see B: Acute Phase). This assumes the person has adequate energy reserves for this type of response. Now, if the body’s information response fails to restore efficiency (because the information is compromised), then the increased energy use of the acute phase would eventually work through someone’s available energy reserves and that person would see a crash in their energy levels (C: Change Phase). Of course if the person had little to no energy reserves to begin with, then this crash would simply happen much sooner. This is why it’s so important to keep the body’s battery charged.

This brings us to an important question: why would we see a failure in the information response? Why wouldn’t the body-field be able to restore efficiency? There are several possibilities.

Because someone is lacking the energy to mount the response in the first place. You can see from the chart that an increase in energy is needed for the response. If the person is lacking any additional energy, then this increased usage will immediately collapse them into a survival state.

Because of continued exposure to the original compromise. For instance, your body is successfully flushing a toxin (as it’s designed to), but you’re continuing to breathe or ingest it, so it can never fully clear away. Or it’s successfully clearing a pathogen, but you’re still exposed to it (mold, bacteria, etc.)

Because communication is blocked by stuck emotions. These are emotions that were never fully processed, and they’re the result of ongoing stress or emotional shocks and traumas. This makes information less efficient and / or less accurate, which can keep the body from effective healing.

A lack of coherence in the structures of the Energetic Terrains, meaning that they cannot communicate well through resonance. Obviously if they’re not working properly, they cannot run the body’s natural healing processes.

After a crash in energy, following the inability to correct a problem, a person enters a chronic phase of disease (D). They will not escape this phase until they can mount the appropriate response. This is done by addressing all of the above:

Building the necessary energy, which is supported by the steps shown under “Charging the Body’s Battery” and by Energetic Driver Infoceuticals. There are other Infoceuticals that also support the energy exchange with your environment, further helps to charge that battery.

Addressing toxin / pathogen exposure. When you work with a NES Practitioner you’ll learn many practical steps to keep your environment clean. Since the body has natural processes to eliminate toxin buildup, any of our Infoceuticals (which are designed to support the body’s proper function) may help these processes, while specific Infoceuticals may support the body’s clearing of things like molds and bacteria. But again, this is only a bandage approach unless you address any ongoing exposure by taking the steps found in our program.

Clearing the energetic residue of shock, trauma, and unhealthy stress. Emotions may be the #1 factor in chronic disease – they are a much larger issue than most people realize. There are, of course, many approaches to helping people through the aftermath of trauma and shock; We identify trapped emotional energies in the body-field and support their resolution with what we call our Brain Hologram and Liberator Infoceuticals. By addressing the energetic residue of emotional events, we also remove them as blockades to clear communication in the body-field. Our system also recommends ESR, designed to bioenergetically relieve day-to-day stress.

With adequate energy and the removal of anything that would block communication, we have the opportunity to mount the informational healing response of the body’s Energetic Terrains, which our coaches can do based on our bioenergetic assessment and Energetic Terrain Infoceuticals. These help to ensure that this healing response takes place and that the information is clear and correct.

This process is represented on the chart above by a series of fluctuations between conserving energy and responding with an activation of the Energetic Terrains to heal the damage that has taken place. When the blocks to information are addressed – chief among these the residue of shocks and traumas – there is this cycle between building energy and healing the body until recovery gradually takes place. We should remember that, as recovery takes place, we can increase our efforts to recharge the body’s battery to support this process.

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You have not tried everything if you have not tried NES!

You, I, and every individual, are a brilliant, ever-in-motion story. How is your story unfolding? How would you like to free the song of your heart? 

Your information matrix is built through meaning applied to coherent or incoherent inputs from the environment,  your ancestry,  your movements, emotions, diet, relationships, and all interfaces past and present. The founder of the Resonance Science Foundation, Nassim Herramein has proven through his genius that we in fact are all connected by laws of unified physics. Nature is intelligent, holographic, and fractal. The choices you and I make, the thoughts we think, the feelings we feel, the action we do or do not take, affect everyone and everything through entangled and overlapping fields of information waves.

One of the most important investments anyone can make to impact the world and those we love is in one's health and current state of being. Your family, your community- your world feels you. You are like a radio, receiving and transmitting at every moment. What you choose to do, or not-to-do counts.

Be amazed as you identify the information expressing itself in your current state and open the door to a wide variety of tools and techniques to equip you with a safe, practical, and affordable approach to feeling results. Starting right where you are at. Please don't put off what your body is crying for you to do something about today!

Your information matrix can be supported through a variety of pathways; Nutrition, NLP, PEMF, Infoceuticals, Sonic Vibration, Laser, Light Therapy, Structured Hydrogen- Infused-Water, Aromatherapy, EFT, and more.

Feel rejuvenated by supporting your biofield with coherent, resonant waveforms. This improves cellular activity- very much like how computer software programs enable computers to do complex tasks. I have witnessed transformations in children as young as two months and clients as old as 99 years and a variety of ages in between.

Time to engage in a program that is as unique as you are.

I have been a practicing Registered Nurse in my small rural community since 2004.  My husband and I enjoy raising our three children in this beautiful foothills region of Alberta.

Parenting has assured me there is always more than one way to get things done - it is all a matter of perspective. We are all a work in progress.

 Nursing has allotted me the privilege to stand alongside individuals and families in life's most transformative events across the lifespan. I am in awe and wonder of the human strength and complexity I have witnessed.

 Each of us processes major life events in a unique way. Whether it’s welcoming a new baby, recovering from injuries or illness, or navigating impacts of depression or suicide, It is through the gift of intense challenges that we are held at eye level with the intricacy of life- how closely does one dare to look?

I feel it a privilege to share a portion of the road with many individuals on their life journeys. As the road of life twists and turns and finds us in places we never expected to be, the cry for answers becomes deafening...

A quest for answers is the passion I wish to share with you. The information is vast and deep and it is what comprises every facet of your being. We are energy. Energy is information in motion. We are information arranged and set forth by one solid and just set of laws.

I suppose my deep interest in life science was sparked in me over 38 years ago, at the age of 13 when my vibrant,  18-year-old sister died of cancer. Our large, low-income family of 12 was informed that the condition was curable and she had the best care available. Why did my sister die so young? It felt as though, “there's nothing more we can do," was the only answer available from the mighty establishment we so heavily relied on for help. All too familiar?

Bioenergetics is the latest and most comprehensive lens through which to view and assess the information that comprises your life up to this moment. Most importantly your interpretation of this information is the driver of where you have arrived and where you may end up in your ongoing story. LISTEN to yourself. LOOK closely at the story, RECOGNIZE the patterns, and be empowered to direct your course. 

The laws of bioenergetics apply to all life forms and are the safest approach to wellness.

I hold a deep respect for the gifts and wisdom of health practitioners that you have encountered thus far. I am happy to collaborate and refer as needed to open every possibility for your greatest outcomes.

Congratulations for insisting on answers!

Sharon Kopchia Oko, Ph.D., DNM, BN

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2018 Scientific Healer, Diamond Healing Method

2018  PhD and Doctorate in Quantum Integrative Medicine through Quantum University of Honolulu, Hawaii

2016 Delegate of Resonance Academy,  The Resonance Science Foundation of Unified Physics

2004 - present. Practicing Registered Nurse, experience in; public health, acute care, geriatrics emergency, labor, and delivery, palliative care

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