Want More Energy?
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Exhausted? Not feeling well? Is low energy robbing you of the activities you once loved, or keeping you from sharing important experiences with loved ones?


Sadly when you feel this bad, even life’s beautiful moments lose their luster. And it can be hard to feel life’s meaning or purpose.

But the good news is … you can get your freedom back. Freedom to live life on your terms with abundant energy to experience all the wonder that life has to offer. Freedom to take up all your favorite activities once again … or perhaps try new ones.

Golf, tennis, swimming, biking, hiking, rock-climbing, traveling, kayaking, surfing, or skiing … even walks with a loved one or just keeping up with the grandkids, the list is endless. You can regain the freedom to do what you want … when you want.

Because freedom is the gift of having abundant Energy!

The Fatigue Mystery is Solved! Abundant Energy is at Hand.

If you find yourself struggling to get through the day due to low energy, then it’s time to find out why.

Maybe you’ve been down the road of medicine. Or you’ve spent time crafting your diet and supplement list with a nutritionist. Or you’ve started downing green drinks for breakfast. Maybe you’ve tried all these and more, yet you still feel sluggish and can’t summon the energy to do all the wonderful things you once enjoyed.

Well, there’s a reason for that. Both medicine and nutrition focus only on the body’s chemistry, which is important … but it’s literally just half the story.

That’s because your body — like everything in the universe, according to science — is based on energy first, and that energy drives all chemical actions. Any time energy moves, it creates “fields,” like the electromagnetic fields produced by electronic devices. In a similar way, as the energy in your body moves, it creates a “body-field” of energy that represents the true physical root of who you are.

Over the last several decades, researchers Professor Peter Fraser and Harry Massey mapped out the human body-field and discovered how to read it using modern technology. This is a huge leap forward for human health, as this field acts as a master control system, feeding information to every cell in your body and directing the trillions of chemical actions happening every second.

When this energy field is disrupted or blocked, your cells start getting bad information, or they get it too slowly. As a result, the body’s chemistry goes wrong and you begin to feel tired and unwell.

But what if you could go straight to the source of energy breakdown and restore your body-field to optimal efficiency, triggering your body’s own natural ability to self-repair?

Well, now you can. Thanks to the science of bioenergetics, you can find what’s gone wrong in your body-field and restore it, supporting your body’s effort to maintain good health and abundant energy.

Easy, Step-by-Step Guidance to Transform Your Life with Abundant Energy & Well-Being.
We Can Help!

Our system offers a comprehensive approach to restoring your vibrant health and energy.

Unlike other wellness programs that focus in one direction to promote wellness, our program recognizes how inter-related all the parts of our lives are, and that they all play a role in your health and vitality. Yes, diet matters. So does our environment. So do our emotions and our relationships. And yes … so does the control system that no one else supports the way we do.

Because of this, we take an entirely holistic approach that addresses all of this with a simple, underlying theme: charge the body’s battery, and make sure that energy is being used wisely. That the body is using its energy correctly and efficiently. If it doesn’t, health is sure to fail.

With this in mind, our program gives you the simple steps you can take to begin charging your body and transforming your life. Combine these with our unique approach to restoring your body’s control system (making the best possible use of your energy) and you have the ingredients for a total wellness makeover.

Our program guides you step-by-step to:

Charge your body’s battery

Restore your body-field
(aka your “control system”)

Rediscover health and vitality in your life!

Don’t worry, we wouldn’t dream of having you do this alone! One of our trained bioenergetics health coaches will be with you every step of the way. Through this program, you’ll receive:

  • Our proprietary scanning hardware, allowing you to scan from home and work remotely with your coach. ($100 value.)
  • Monthly bioenergetic scans providing personal insights into the state of your body-field that we think will astound you. In just seconds, our modern system assesses hundreds of wellness data points, and your coach will explain the results of each scan. (6 scans x $150 value = $900 value.)
  • A customized plan for restoring your body’s energy system with our propriety Infoceutical supplements. These are very safe and do deep, profound work to restore the integrity of your body-field. Includes 5 bottles per month. (6 months of Infoceuticals = $900 value.)
  • Shipping of your scanner and monthly Infoceuticals is included. ($50+ value.)
  • Our comprehensive and holistic 6-month Bioenergetic Lifestyle Course that takes you step-by-gentle-step through a lifestyle transformation. Each week, you’ll engage in just one video that explains a new area of health and the simple ways you can begin to alter habits and begin to recapture your vitality. ($697 value.)
  • Your coach’s support and encouragement throughout your journey. (Invaluable!)

Simply put, our coaches want you to succeed! Imagine making simple, smart, small changes to your lifestyle each week. Small changes like this aren’t hard, and they may not seem like much from week to week. But when you add them up over several months, you’ll soon see how far this program takes you. How differently you’re viewing life. And how much better you feel!

Why not take the first step today towards your happier, healthier, super-energized life.

Get Started with the Program

When you’re ready to dive into personal transformation and start recovering your energy for life, start your journey with us and we’ll provide discounted pricing to help you take this journey.

The images here give you just a glimpse into the depth of personal insights offered by our scanning technology. Most people are astounded by how accurately the results reflect what they’re feeling or the health challenges they know they face.

Not only will your coach use these results to craft your personal Infoceutical plan, but you’ll also get insights that can guide you on lifestyle choices, emotional issues, and more. It really is personal, and it really is fun.

This is an opportunity. An opportunity to explore yourself from the inside out. To change yourself from the inside out. And to stop the constant oppression of feeling tired and unwell.

We have seen remarkable change in thousands of people through the years, and we want to see those changes for you. Join us and begin your transformation today!

Get Abundant Energy

Research shows that restoring your energy is absolutely essential for your overall health. The body’s chemistry doesn’t work well unless the body-field is working well. Begin to restore your body-field and restore your body’s ability to heal and stay well. So take control of your life with our exclusive 6-Month Wellness Program and transform your mind and body toward their peaks of health, energy, and wellness.

What’s included?

Body Field Scanning Device

Requiring just a computer and an internet connection, this scanner takes a complete assessment of your body-field in just seconds and sends it to your bioenergetics health coach. All from the comfort of your home or anywhere else you are.

Based on decades of clinical research and practical testing, our scan assessments quickly answer these questions (and more):

  • How well is your body-field powered?
  • Is your body-field transferring information correctly?
  • Is your body-field doing what’s needed to promote healing?
  • Is your body-field responding well to environmental fields and other factors?
  • Is your body-field recognizing and using nutrients properly? Or compromised by toxins?

While it’s not a medical diagnostic system, most are astounded by the connections it makes to the health challenges they know they have.

Expert Individual Consultations

You will work with your bioenergetic coach, expertly trained in bioenergetics, the human body-field, and scan analysis. In consultation with you, they will develop the most effective treatment plan to restore your ideal body-field and support your body’s energy levels and overall wellness.

Based on your scan results, your personal practitioner will work with you to restore proper function to your body-field by clearing energy blockages with corrective information delivered through Infoceuticals, our liquid supplements.

As part of your program, you are entitled to monthly one-hour consultations with your practitioner to scan and monitor the progress of your improving body-field. Additional scans are necessary since your body-field is constantly evolving, responding to your environment and the body’s needs. Any aspect of your body-field needing support today may not need the same support the following month, but instead may require support in another area. Your practitioner will monitor this closely and adjust your Infoceuticals as necessary.

Personalized & Effective Infoceutical Support Plan

Infoceuticals are liquid supplements that provide guidance to the body’s control system, improving the function of the body-field so it can restore proper function to the rest of your body. Infoceuticals use information imprinted onto structured water to do this. When ingested, the imprinted information is delivered directly to the body-field to help restore it to its most optimal condition. Since we see the body-field as the master control system to the rest of the human body, we believe this is the future of wellness, addressing health concerns from their roots.

Infoceuticals are taken over several weeks, helping to not only encourage change in the body-field, but lasting change. As they do so, your energy field can begin to correct and instruct the physical body once more. As a result, Infoceuticals are able to support your body in its own healing process and restore your energy levels to peak performance.

As part of your program and your customized Infoceutical Support Plan recommended by your practitioner, you will receive five Infoceuticals every month.

The Bioenergetic Lifestyle Course

In addition to your monthly scans, practitioner consultations, and Infoceuticals, you will also have unlimited online access to the Bioenergetic Lifestyle Course. This educational course is especially designed to work alongside your scans and Infoceuticals to dramatically improve your energy, transform your health, and help you lead the passionate and fulfilling life you were meant to live.

This course is based on years of scientifically-backed research and clinical trials, along with leading advancements in health and wellness information. The course is based on four energetic dimensions that support good health. They are the body, mind, environment, and social conditions.

Ignoring just one of these dimensions can have a profound and often negative impact on the others. By addressing all of them over time, they support one another for a synergistic effect, getting your faster and more robust results! That’s why we have you engage in a program that’s about total wellness and a renewed vigor for life.

In this course, each dimension’s learning module contains 6 lessons for a total of 24 lessons. You will enjoy such enlightening topics as Healing the Gut, Stimulating the Vagus Nerve, Circadian Rhythm Management, and the Impact of Childhood Adversity on Health … just to name a few.

Each lesson can be accessed and completed on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You may work at your own pace, but for maximum results, we do recommend you accomplish one lesson every week. Your coach will be familiar with this course and will encourage you to take action from the lessons to further drive change in your life. (It’s not just about learning — it’s about doing!) Combine these steps with Infoceuticals and you’re bound to see an incredible transformation take place over the next 6 months!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is this program for?

    This program is for all those that are suffering from fatigue, lower energy, stress, lack of sleep and those that want to restore their overall energy.

  2. What else makes me a good fit for the program?

    The 3 most important things are that you value your health, that you are committed to restoring your energy, and that you are willing to act on what your coach recommends. We see people restore their energy, when they follow the protocols and the recommendations of their bioenergetic health coach.

  3. How do I get started?

    You can sign up for your initial consultation here. If you have been referred by one of our coaches already, you will be able to sign up to the consultation directly on their services page. If you have found us on your own, then we will reach out to you to make sure that you’re a good fit for the program and match you up with a suitable coach depending on health needs, location and preferences in what you’re looking for in a coach. Afterwards, we will place you with a coach to and you can schedule your initial assessment online. Once you’re happy with your initial assessment, you can then decide whether our approach is right for you and continue with the full program.

  4. What is involved in the initial assessment?

    Your first consultation will take 90 minutes, so that we’re able to take a deep dive and figure out what the sources of your health issues are along with working out a thorough plan for restoring your energy. It also includes your scanner and access to your customer Portal, so that you’re able to fill out your intake form that helps to guide the conversation between you and your coach, along with providing some initial education on how to recover your energy. After you have discussed your scan with your coach, we will send your individually recommended set of Infoceuticals to you. The minimum cost of this appointment — which includes our proprietary scanner, the initial scan and coaching session, your set of Infoceuticals, additional Scanning Technology (in Beta) for 30 days & a taste of the Bioenergetic Lifestyle Course – starts at $350 USD depending on your practitioner and the country you are in. There are no strings attached to the initial consultation, so you can decide through experience whether the full 6 month program is right for you. If you are interested and haven’t connected to a practitioner yet, we can help you to figure out if the program is right for you and connect you with a practitioner.

    To book a free evaluation call to discuss whether the program is right for you, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

  5. What is the process for the initial consultation?

    You’ll be sent your body-field scanner in the mail with instructions on how to scan yourself. After the scan, your computer will display initial results that will start opening your eyes to the power of bioenergetics! You will then be able to schedule an appointment for your initial coaching session, where you’ll review your scan results in greater detail. Before the appointment, you will be asked to fill out the client intake form for your coach. At the end of your appointment, your coach will make sure your individual Infoceutical protocol is on the way to you.

  6. What is the charge per appointment after initial assessment?

    After the initial assessment, we do not charge per appointment, rather you choose whether you want to commit to restoring your energy. Most of the bioenergetic Practitioners and Coaches charge a one time fee to complete the 6 month program after your Initial Consultation. Prices for both, Initial Consultation and the full program are depending on the practitioner, their availability & experience. Prices may wary as well in different countries.

    During this program, you will have appointments with your coach every month to review a new scan and update your Infoceutical protocol. You will also have direct access to your coach through your client portal, should you want to ask questions about the Infoceuticals or check in with your coach about steps you’re taking in the Bioenergetic Lifestyle Course. It is important to understand that your coach cannot do the work for you, but is there to support and guide you through the process.

  7. What is included in the full program after the initial appointment?

    You get the personal attention of a bioenergetics health coach for 5 more months, walking you through monthly body-field scans, determining your monthly protocol of 5 Infoceuticals — which are included with the program — and encouraging you through our in-depth Bioenergetic Lifestyle Course. We recommend going through one lesson per week and adopting simple new habits on a weekly basis.

  8. Why 6 months?

    We expect most people to see some change on this program in the first 30 days. We expect that almost all will progress further in their first 60. But when we’re feeling chronically exhausted and unwell, we’ve usually spent years reaching that point, and it’s not realistic to think that you’ll reach all your wellness goals in just a couple of months. So it’s important to give this process time, restoring your body battery & control system, while creating new healthy habits to keep you feeling healthy well after these 6 months are through. Besides, we think you’ll find this process exciting and one of the best investments you’ve ever made in yourself.

  9. How many consultation & body-field scans do I receive?

    You are entitled to one consultation within your initial consultation and 5 follow-up consultations with your practitioner to scan and monitor the progress of your body-field, if you decide to upgrade to the full program.

  10. What are Infoceuticals?

    Infoceuticals are mineral-based supplements that have been imprinted with information designed to support the correction function of the body’s control system. The control system, in turn, supports the body’s natural healing and wellness processes. You can learn more on our Infoceutical page along with the science on www.infoceuticals.com

  11. How many Infoceuticals do I get per month?

    Your program contains up to FIVE Infoceuticals each month based on your personalized support plan.

  12. Are there Infoceuticals I can take without a scan?

    We recommend that you follow our system’s recommendations and discuss your personalized Infoceutical plan with your practitioner. But beyond your personalized Infoceutical plan, or without a scan, you may also try our range of “Feel Good” Infoceuticals, which target specific goals such as more energy, better sleep, improved mood, or cold and flu season support. These can be taken without a specific recommendation from your practitioner or without a scan.

  13. Does it matter where in the world I am?

    No, you can perform your scans and speak to your practitioner remotely from any location, as long as you have a computer and internet connection.

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As a bodyworker and practitioner of bioenergetics since 1994, I have an extensive understanding of personal and energetic anatomy. My life’s work has been sharing the abilities I have acquired over 30 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist, Midwife, educator, and healing facilitator.

I support others in the healing and maintenance of their divine blueprint. My curiosity and grounded, core wisdom recognizes this moment as a critical time in our planetary history as a deeper opportunity to share what I have learned through my unique education.   I consider working with others to be a Co-Creation; a subtle and gentle, entire body-field approach to the human experience and healing art that works with the Divine Blue Print which creates and maintains health in the entire human system.

I am here to support anyone who’s ready to do a deep dive into healing transformation.

Anastacia Townsend, LMT, Certified NES Health Practitioner, Bioenergetic Health Coach, Midwife, Sacred Birthing Mentor, Sound Journey Facilitator, Infant Massage Instructor
 I offer BioSync Scan, Key Code Essenes, Mi Health sessions, Sacred Birthing Childbirth Classes/Mentoring, Infant Massage classes, Sound Journey sessions, and Unique Events to Support your Bio-Spiritual well-being.

Massage Therapist licensed in Oregon, Washington & Montana with advanced certification in Bodywork for the Childbearing Year, pregnancy and postpartum massage, Infant massage instructor trained through, IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage), has completed a two-year Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy training with Robyn Jones BCTA/NA
Aqua-Cranial therapy originated and developed by Rebecca Goff & the Cetaceans
Heart-Centered Energy medicine studying with master teacher Anaiis Salles at School of Living Lessons for over twenty-five years.
Developer and Practitioner with Sourced Solutions Key Code Essences
Sound Healer studied with master sound healer Tom Kenyon- Acoustic Brain Research
A Holistic/Spiritual Midwife, a graduate of the La Matrona School of Quantum Midwifery
Midwife, Certified Holistic Childbirth Educator and Doula
Lactation Specialist- Evergreen Medical Center
Manager and Consultant with the Sacred Birthing Foundation, Sacred Birthing- Birth Mentor
Accelerated Consciousness Evolution (A.C.E.) Certification Advanced Energy Healing 3 year course.

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