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Debbie Radvar, LMT, CST is a practitioner with more than 25 years of continuous learning and experience in holistic health. She has created a system of healing combining multiple techniques to assist clients in overcoming physical pain, allergies, chronic illness and emotional stress. Using an integrated approach, with muscle testing as a primary guide, you will work together to reset the body’s bio-electrical system, harmonize allergies & sensitivities, and de-link negative emotions from thoughts that are no longer helpful. These science-based modalities activate the body’s ‘own’ inherent healing capacity and work towards putting the body back into balance.

Debbie’s passion is to help guide individuals and families in creating and maintaining healthier lifestyles, offering empowering and sustainable alternative approaches to simplify health and healing.

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Craniosacral Therapy • N.A.E.T Allergy Elimination • Thermography • TBM • Lifeline Technique • EFT • Matrix Energetics • Family Nutrition & Health Coaching • Physical & Emotional Healthcare Techniques & NES Practitioner

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